Comment Registration at Brady Blog

According to Pro-Gun Progressive, the Brady Campaign is requiring registration for their blog comments. I suppose they got tired of the volume of pro-gun comments on it, and figured since we don’t like the r-word very much, this might keep us off :) It doesn’t appear to me that the comments are still restricted. It seems to have the same WordPress style comment section as it had before

But seriously, it does look like registration isn’t restricted, but to be honest, I’ve never felt good about signing up for their mailing list or other such things. Who knows whether they count registrations or mailing list members for purposes of counting how much grass roots support they have. If a politician were told there are 20,000 people on the Brady mailing list, do you think they’d realize half of them might be pro-gun people “keeping tabs”?

I was amused at the volume of pro-gun comments when they opened them up, but I didn’t ever comment there, because I didn’t see much point. I mean, it’s not like Sarah Brady is going to come out and say “OK, I was wrong, now who wants to show me how you field strip this AR-15?”, or Paul Helmke will start asking for advise on a good reloading press.

UPDATE: Crap.. it got rid of my first update.  Anyway, I said I rethought this, and decided that it’s not a waste of time to post over there, just in case anyone on the fence happens by their blog.  I don’t plan to make a regular habit of it though.

UPDATE: Yeah, the comments work. I just submitted one. It goes into a moderation queue and has to be approved. You can see your comment, but no one else can. That’s how it was working before.