Wrestle the Deer? Or Taser It?

From the Land of Snow and Beavers, comes this fun piece:

“Our first thought was to Taser it, but we didn’t think that would go over well in front of people,” Evans said. “It would be a safe way to control the animal and it wouldn’t hurt, but the public might not think that.

“They ended up wrestling it, or at least trying to wrestle it. On the third or fourth attempt they finally got it to the ground and got the can off.”

Evans said the deer ran into the bush uninjured, but with the imprint of a coffee can around its face.

I’m not sure I’d advise taser use to incapacitate a wild animal. They aren’t even really all that effective on people sometimes, and, with the exception of all but the biggest ones (kidney belts, I’ve heard, are pretty much impossible to fight through), depend on a psychological component that you wouldn’t have in a scared animal who’s brain is wired a bit differently. I suspect it would have some effect, but I would say you’re probably likely to injure the animal or be injured yourself trying to deal with it. Plus, here’s one from the Taser manual:

The nervous systems of animals are greatly different than human beings. The ADVANCED TASER is designed to be effective on a human attacker. Accordingly, it will not be as effective at incapacitating an animal as it is on a human being. The ADVANCED TASER should not be used as sole protection from wild, uncontrollable, or attacking animals. Law enforcement can use the ADVANCED TASER or dogs, but it is advisable to have animal control officers present to “collar” the incapacitated dog while the T-waves are working.

But the funny part is these Canadian cops thought that wrestling the thing to the ground was a good alternative :)

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  1. Heck yeah I would Taser the wild animal. Especially if you don’t have a gun to defend yourself. There is too much treehugger sympathy and political correctness these days that trounces on common sense for human life. You can’t even discipline your kid in public! I say Taser it!

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