The Difficult Balance

I was reading this excellent bit linked to by Insty:

Simon makes a strong point when he writes, “You want to have some ideology to hang onto, some method of organizing everything, but the moment you settle on one thing, if you’re even partially awake, it kicks you in the head.” The world isn’t so simple as to be efficiently run via a bumper sticker slogan. The problem, though, is figuring out where responsible trade-offs end and cheerleading for one’s team begins. It’s one thing to be an “adult;” it’s quite another to be a party hack willing to abandon all principle when necessary to defend the decisions of the leadership.

That’s a smart observation.  I certainly hope if I start wandering too far one way or another, people will say something.

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  2. Sebastian says:

    Duly noted. I figured you’d say something about having been saying that for a while now :)