It’s Been Ten Years Already?

Instapundit turns ten this week. I started reading Instapundit around the 2002 timeframe, so I’ve only been reading nine of those, but it seems like just yesterday these blogs were something new, and the establishment didn’t know quite what to make of them.

Instapundit is often called the Blogfather, for inspiring a lot of other people to take up the idea, including Eugene Volokh. While Instapundit was one of my first regular blogs, it was SayUncle and Bitter who were my impetus into this world.

8 thoughts on “It’s Been Ten Years Already?”

  1. Internet time moves pretty fast. I have always considered you and Joe Huffman to be my blogfathers since I am a Pennsylvania transplant to Idaho, and your blogs have been my longest running must-reads.

  2. SiH comment form wish list: preview option to allow for editing mistakes prior to submitting coment

    Joe’s link should go to his blog. I forgot the http:// and wound up with a relative link.

  3. Hmm… I might have to look into that. Not a bad suggestion.

    I would point out though, that I have a preview feature for doing posts, and I still make plenty of spelling mistakes :)

  4. I fixed your link. I’ve noticed some blogs that let you edit a post for a period of time before it “sets” permanently. My only concern with this is that it could give hackers a way in, but I’d probably do find with whatever Volokh is using.

  5. Typos that correctly spell a word are the worst, since spellcheck can’t flag them. Amusingly, spellcheck gets flagged when run together into one word. I suppose I could always add it to the custom dictionary.

    Thanks for fixing the link.

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