We Have to Get Rid of Levdansky

After surviving a challenge from Monica Douglass last election, State Representative David Levdansky has been taking his “Lost and Stolen” show on the road, in an effort to weaken preemption in Pennsylvania by getting municipalities to pass illegal ordinances regulating guns.

“We are on the same team with him,” said Mary Beth Hacke, of West Mifflin, a board member of CeaseFirePA, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing gun violence through advocacy and education in the communities.

“By this ordinance passing in communities it will make it easier for passage some day in Harrisburg. ‘You’re not hearing the voice of your own constituents,’ will be the message to legislators,” she said.

It’s worth noting that no local municipality has yet to charge a single person with violating these ordinances they are passing. So if they are so useful for fighting crime, why is that the case? This is useless legislation. The anti-gun people know it’s useless legislation. They are pushing it in a desperate move to find a working formula in Pennsylvania. If it works on this issue, you can bet they are going to try it on other issues.

Levdansky has hopped into bed with the opposition, and we have to get him out of office in 2010.

Gunning for Levdansky’s Assembly Seat

State Representative David Levdansky has been talked about quite a bit on this blog, because he was the primary architect of the failed “Lost and Stolen” bill in the Pennsylvania General Assembly.  We’re fortunate that we have an opponent running for Levdansky’s seat this November.  Monica Douglas is a solid pro-gun candidate, but she needs help this election in order to successfully challenge the incumbent.

This may well be the most important race for Pennsylvania gun owners in the entire assembly this year, because if we can defeat Representative Levdansky, or even come close to defeating him, we will send a message to every other politician in the assembly that supporting gun control will cost them personally, and puts their seat in jeopardy.

This is how gun rights are won and kept.  Please consider donating money, or if you’re in our near her district, donating time to help her campaign.  If we can elect Monica Douglas to the General Assembly, we’ll be doing every gun owner in this commonwealth a great service.

Gun Owner Votes Count

I get so damn sick of the message that individual votes don’t matter. Last election, we had a local state house race that was decided by around 100 votes. That’s so close that it’s painful. Well, this year, we have an even more painful vote – and that’s even with the numbers working in favor of the pro-gun candidate and against the anti-rights guy.

For those who don’t follow Pennsylvania politics closely, we had this legislator named Levdansky. He was the American Hunters & Shooters Association of lawmakers. He proclaims to be a sportsman, but he actively sought to screw all gun owners and even ruin everything for hunters in Pennsylvania by pushing HSUS-dream type bills. He cozied up to anti-rights groups and CeaseFire PA made his attempt to reclaim the office he lost in 2010 their priority House race this year.

Meanwhile, the current incumbent, Rep. Rick Saccone, actually supports Second Amendment and hunting rights.

This year, they are in a rematch. I say are and not were because the race is still to be determined. For a while, Levdansky was up by a few votes, but a more thorough count of all of the ballots in every precinct now puts Saccone up by 36 votes. Three dozen voters.

Because it’s such a close call, it’s going to hearings by the election board which is 2-1 Democratic control. The hearing isn’t until Friday, and the final count isn’t expected until next week, according to various news outlets.

If you happen to know any gun owners who didn’t vote in that race, you might want to give them a piece of your mind. Every vote will matter, and this razor thin margin makes it too close for comfort for any gun owner in the state.

My Kind of Change

The Republican lawmaker who beat David Levdansky has an op-ed in the Patriot News supporting Castle Doctrine. For those interested in Levdansky’s history in Pennsylvania, you can go here.

Glad to be Rid of Him

The Pittsburgh Post has a story on the political career of David Levdansky. He’s the kind of hunter gun owners love to hate. You know, the type that doesn’t think gun rights are that important? But even his support of hunting I think was tepid:

During his first term Levdansky worked to get a hunting license fee increase and modernize long-neglected fines and penalties in the state Game and Wildlife Code.

“Since both agencies are practically entirely funded by license fee revenue, I wanted to bring them under the normal state budget process,” he said.

The Game Commission and other critics argued that would permit urban legislators to strip money from wildlife management.

That would be a dream bill for HSUS and the enemies of hunting. There’s very good reasons that Game Commissions tend to be independent bodies from the legislature. The critics were exactly right.

A defining juncture in Levdansky’s career came in 1985 and 1986 when he tried to craft an amendment he said would help the Game Commission to catch hunters who illegally kill a second buck. The law would have banned the possession of rifles in the field after tagging an antlered deer.

“I was approached by the National Rifle Association field rep,” said Levdansky. “He said, ‘You’re trying to do gun control.’ I said, ‘What? I’m a hunter.’ He said, ‘You’re a closet liberal and you’re trying to do gun control.’ I said, ‘Through the Game and Wildlife Code? Come on.’ “

Apparently he doesn’t like a spade being called a spade. I never could figure out myself if Levdansky was just a closet leftist trying to clothe himself in camo in order to fool us, or was just genuinely ignorant. Either way, I hope he enjoys retirement. It’s a good thing for us for him to be out of the legislature.

“I Support the Second Amendment”

Thirdpower notes that the Brady’s are scrubbing any reference to their past opposition to the Second Amendment as an individual right. It’s the old narrative. Heller has imposed a new narrative on the gun control movement, which you see over and over, like State Representative Levdansky, “I believe in the Second Amendment. But…” Say what you will about the gun control groups, their message discipline is incredible. “I believe in the Second Amendment, but I believe in gun control too.” is the new “Separate but Equal.”

The good thing for us is that we’ve forced them onto a weaker message.

Bloomberg Mayors Continue to Break State Laws

West Mifflin, Pennsylvania’s mayor is the latest to try and break state law by supporting municipal gun controls. Supported by his membership in Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group, the Borough Council will take up a proposal tonight to mandate that gun owners report their lost or stolen guns within an arbitrary time period, putting the burden of proof on the accused rather than the state. These ordinances are currently being challenged by the NRA in courts across the state.

Recently, Homestead Borough did the same thing, becoming the 10th city in Pennsylvania to violate the state preemption laws and the state Supreme Court’s Ortiz v. Commonwealth decision. Last night, Clairton became the 11th, though the first non-MAIG-mayor-lead city to do so. However, the proposal was pushed by extremely anti-gun Rep. David Levdansky who has recently taken up the charge of CeaseFirePA.

View Bloomberg’s Anti-Gun Mayors in Pennsylvania in a larger map

I’ve updated the map to reflect the mayors who are pushing Bloomberg’s agenda in violation of state law and the Supreme Court’s decision. At this point, it’s not enough to just track members and former members of the group. Bloomberg is hiring out from the Brady Campaign to try and undermine our state legislature and state courts.

It’s Go Time for Monica Douglass

Kim Stolfer just sent out an e-mail alert to inform Pennsylvania gun owners of the importance of the race between Monica Douglass and David Levdansky:

Levdansky tells constituents that he “believes that our Constitution grants me the right to bear arms” and yet his voting record and statements throughout his career show a disdain for individual liberty.  For example, at a Game and Fish Committee hearing in 1986 in Clarion, PA, Levdansky said:

“insofar as the constitutional question of the right to keep and bear arms is concerned, I think that that argument is rather hollow and shallow . . . At best, I think that the right to bear arms argument is nothing more than rightwing, ideological rhetoric and ought to be dismissed as such”.

He has never repudiated his statement and this, along with other statements and his voting record, reveal his true agenda.  Representative David Levdansky has become the poster child for Cease Fire Pennsylvania, the most outspoken anti-gun group in Pennsylvania—and the spokesman for the anti-gun Philadelphia Legislative Caucus.  His position on these issues cannot and should not be trusted.  Gunowners and hunters have been deceived long enough!

Levdansky has been an anti-gun leader in the Pennsylvania House, and everyone in Pennsylvania has a vested interest in ousting him.  Monica Douglass needs money and volunteers to get her message out so we can secure our gun rights in Pennsylvania.

The reason we work hard to defeat guys like Levdansky is because if the anti-gun legislators see their leadership getting their electoral heads lopped off, the next one in line might feel a little unsure about sticking their necks out on behalf of CeaseFire PA.  This is how we become formidable.

NRA Backing Monica Douglas

NRA-PVF has gotten behind the campaign of Monica Douglas, who is attempting to unseat Representative David Levdansky.  We hope Ms. Douglas is successful in her bid, because it would be a huge boost for gun rights in Pennsylvania.

If you would like to volunteer for her campaign, and I think you should if you can, you can go here.

My Letter to Speaker O’Brien

I’m hoping all my readers who live in Pennsylvania have gotten a chance to e-mail the House Speaker, Dennis O’Brien, who stood with us all the way on House Bill 1845, and voted against the lost and stolen amendment, at great political cost in his district of Philadelphia.  Here’s my letter:

Dear Mr. Speaker,

I wanted to thank you for your vote on House Bill 1845, who’s passage I witnessed from the House Gallery on Monday.  I’m glad we finally got something passed that will help fight criminals who misuse firearms, and respect the rights of gun owners.

I particularly want to thank you for your vote against Representative Levdansky’s amendment to require reporting of a lost or stolen firearm.  I know this was a very difficult vote for you politically, and I’ve read the negative coverage you’ve received from the Philadelphia media over it.  I wanted to make sure you knew that there are many gun owners in the Philadelphia area, including myself, who are very grateful that you stood with us.  If I can ever be of service to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.



The Philadelphia media is eating O’Brien alive for standing with us, and I have no doubt that CeaseFire PA is going to make defeating him their top electoral priority.  Representative O’Brien did his part in standing with us, and I sincerely hope we’ll all stand with him when he needs us.

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