Gunning for Levdansky’s Assembly Seat

State Representative David Levdansky has been talked about quite a bit on this blog, because he was the primary architect of the failed “Lost and Stolen” bill in the Pennsylvania General Assembly.  We’re fortunate that we have an opponent running for Levdansky’s seat this November.  Monica Douglas is a solid pro-gun candidate, but she needs help this election in order to successfully challenge the incumbent.

This may well be the most important race for Pennsylvania gun owners in the entire assembly this year, because if we can defeat Representative Levdansky, or even come close to defeating him, we will send a message to every other politician in the assembly that supporting gun control will cost them personally, and puts their seat in jeopardy.

This is how gun rights are won and kept.  Please consider donating money, or if you’re in our near her district, donating time to help her campaign.  If we can elect Monica Douglas to the General Assembly, we’ll be doing every gun owner in this commonwealth a great service.

One thought on “Gunning for Levdansky’s Assembly Seat”

  1. If anyone would like to help with the Douglas campaign,please call (412) 551-4891.There is alot to do from phone calls,yard signs,to working the polls.If you can give just one hour or more of your time,please call.This Election in November is one of the most important for Gun owners in the 39th district…

    Thank You

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