We Have to Get Rid of Levdansky

After surviving a challenge from Monica Douglass last election, State Representative David Levdansky has been taking his “Lost and Stolen” show on the road, in an effort to weaken preemption in Pennsylvania by getting municipalities to pass illegal ordinances regulating guns.

“We are on the same team with him,” said Mary Beth Hacke, of West Mifflin, a board member of CeaseFirePA, a non-profit organization dedicated to preventing gun violence through advocacy and education in the communities.

“By this ordinance passing in communities it will make it easier for passage some day in Harrisburg. ‘You’re not hearing the voice of your own constituents,’ will be the message to legislators,” she said.

It’s worth noting that no local municipality has yet to charge a single person with violating these ordinances they are passing. So if they are so useful for fighting crime, why is that the case? This is useless legislation. The anti-gun people know it’s useless legislation. They are pushing it in a desperate move to find a working formula in Pennsylvania. If it works on this issue, you can bet they are going to try it on other issues.

Levdansky has hopped into bed with the opposition, and we have to get him out of office in 2010.

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  1. My question is why are there not criminal consequences for legislators who pass laws they know full well are illegal under state law?

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