We Have to Get Rid of Levdansky

After surviving a challenge from Monica Douglass last election, State Representative David Levdansky has been taking his “Lost and Stolen” show on the road, in an effort to weaken preemption in Pennsylvania by getting municipalities to pass illegal ordinances regulating guns. “We are on the same team with him,” said Mary Beth Hacke, of West … Continue reading “We Have to Get Rid of Levdansky”

Gunning for Levdansky’s Assembly Seat

State Representative David Levdansky has been talked about quite a bit on this blog, because he was the primary architect of the failed “Lost and Stolen” bill in the Pennsylvania General Assembly.  We’re fortunate that we have an opponent running for Levdansky’s seat this November.  Monica Douglas is a solid pro-gun candidate, but she needs … Continue reading “Gunning for Levdansky’s Assembly Seat”

Gun Owner Votes Count

I get so damn sick of the message that individual votes don’t matter. Last election, we had a local state house race that was decided by around 100 votes. That’s so close that it’s painful. Well, this year, we have an even more painful vote – and that’s even with the numbers working in favor … Continue reading “Gun Owner Votes Count”

“I Support the Second Amendment”

Thirdpower notes that the Brady’s are scrubbing any reference to their past opposition to the Second Amendment as an individual right. It’s the old narrative. Heller has imposed a new narrative on the gun control movement, which you see over and over, like State Representative Levdansky, “I believe in the Second Amendment. But…” Say what … Continue reading ““I Support the Second Amendment””

Bloomberg Mayors Continue to Break State Laws

West Mifflin, Pennsylvania’s mayor is the latest to try and break state law by supporting municipal gun controls. Supported by his membership in Michael Bloomberg’s anti-gun group, the Borough Council will take up a proposal tonight to mandate that gun owners report their lost or stolen guns within an arbitrary time period, putting the burden … Continue reading “Bloomberg Mayors Continue to Break State Laws”

It’s Go Time for Monica Douglass

Kim Stolfer just sent out an e-mail alert to inform Pennsylvania gun owners of the importance of the race between Monica Douglass and David Levdansky: Levdansky tells constituents that he “believes that our Constitution grants me the right to bear arms” and yet his voting record and statements throughout his career show a disdain for … Continue reading “It’s Go Time for Monica Douglass”

My Letter to Speaker O’Brien

I’m hoping all my readers who live in Pennsylvania have gotten a chance to e-mail the House Speaker, Dennis O’Brien, who stood with us all the way on House Bill 1845, and voted against the lost and stolen amendment, at great political cost in his district of Philadelphia.  Here’s my letter: Dear Mr. Speaker, I … Continue reading “My Letter to Speaker O’Brien”