The Inauguration

Lest you all think I am talking about Joe Biden, I’m being inaugurated tonight, as my club’s president, a week ahead of Slow Joe. Though I believe our club’s transition of power will be a good bit more peaceful. I don’t think the outgoing president is planning any protests, nor do I expect anyone to storm the meeting room and steal my podium (because I don’t have one to steal.) Maybe they could steal the gavel or something. Though we have a backup.

Our inauguration is pretty low key to nonexistent. We don’t take an oath. It basically consists of switching the badge out on my lanyard from one that says “3” to one that says “1.” Whoop dee do.

One of the first things I am doing is recognizing one Board member for 20 years of service on the Board, which I’m happy to do because he’s a real nice guy, and over the years has saved the club a lot of money doing electrical work for us as a retired electrician.

Having observed people during this pandemic, I do believe it’s driving a lot of people stark raving mad. I’m sincerely hoping once the vaccine is rolled out and we tamp this down, the temperature will come down a little. I expect the next four years to be very challenging both for my club and for the nation. But I would encourage everyone to look after the health of their local community groups. Get involved. That kind of thing is going to become more important than ever.

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  1. I think it’s more important than ever to work on the health of the in-person community as it becomes safe to do so in each person’s area. We’ve had a preview of how people treat each other when they engage exclusively online, and it’s been easy to see people from all parts of the political spectrum and even those who aren’t terribly political fall into traps of dehumanizing anyone with whom they disagree.

    As kids have been shut out of schools and other activities for what will likely end up being a year and a half, it’s going to be more important to demonstrate to them what healthy social connections look like. Get them involved. It’s not just about the shooting sports and Second Amendment anymore. It’s about their mental health and development.

  2. But even after being vaccinated we’re told that we need to continue social distancing and mask wearing. 🙄

    I agree with bitter about the in person community stuff. I know I’m guilty here with letting in person connections slip. I’m very introverted, and moving every few years makes it feel futile to me in a way. I’m very thankful to live where I do, where my kids went back to school this year as usual. We have that, at least.

    1. I’m an introvert too. I can see this pandemic is really hard on extroverts, because they are the ones most having mental health issues. I could keep doing the social distancing thing for years, personally.

      1. Theoretically, I really want to get back to my Linux User Group, and the one or two other groups I tried to get to every once in a while. I appreciate getting out of the house (particularly now that I’m working from home) and seeing other people.

        In practice, though, I kindof don’t care, one way or the other. I like keeping to myself, often even at the very meetings and conferences I attend!

        Indeed, one reason I attend these meetings is to get out of my “I like to keep to myself” comfort zone.

  3. Oh, and I should say Congratulations. Or Condolences. I’m not sure which to offer, when you acquire extra responsibility like this!

    Although, having followed your efforts to help your gun club, I would add that this responsibility is certainly well-earned!

  4. While I think this has been building for a long time, the lockdowns have absolutely worsened things.

    But congrats on the new position!

  5. Lectern is the thing you stand at. It may or may not be on a podium (the raised platform at the front).

    If you ever do Toastmasters (and it’s WELL worth doing) that’s one of the things they harp on.

    And congratulations!

  6. I don’t believe that the Chinese deliberately engaged in biowar because the damage was done by governments, not the virus. But having seen how completely batshit crazy the West (not just us) went, why wouldn’t they do it for real. Nothing civilization ending, just enough to make the West go crazy again and again and again.

  7. Well, I have two bags of lettuce that will go bad on the 21st of this month. Much like America will be on that day after the libturd bidden will be sworn (#*@&&%) in.

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