More Clubs Need To Do This

The Citizens’ Rifle & Revolver Club has managed to get a piece in the Trenton Times highlighting, in a positive way, their shooting sports program:

If you have been thinking of looking into the shooting sports, there is no better time to do it than on Sundays Oct. 26 and Nov. 2 when Citizens’ Rifle & Revolver Club will be holding its annual open house/fun shoot. Citizens’ has been a fixture at Route 571 in Plainsboro for close to 80 years. Carol Katona, who has been president of the club for 15 years and just won another term as president in the club’s recent elections, told me the basic premise of the club is and has always been to promote safety and enjoyment of the shooting sports.

This is probably the best public relations type program shooting clubs can do.  Even if you don’t make a new shooter out of someone, people at least can come in, and see people enjoying the shooting sports safely, and be relieved of some of their ignorance about firearms, and the people who use them.  If clubs are pulling off successful programs in New Jersey, and getting the media to help promote it, it can be successful anywhere.