It Was Only a Matter of Time

A new assault weapons ban has been introduced into the Democratic Congress.  By none other than our great friend Carolyn McCarthy.  Don’t despair yet, because it currently has no cosponsors, which I think says something.  The subcommittee makeup doesn’t look all that good for us, so it’s possible this could make it out of the subcommittee.  Hopefully, it’ll never make it to the floor.

If it does, there might not be votes to pass it.  But if it does, I doubt Bush will veto it.  He’ll trade signing it to get something else he wants.  No cause for alarm yet, but we have to be vigilant here.

4 thoughts on “It Was Only a Matter of Time”

  1. Of course there is cause for alarm. What does it say about an electorate that elects a person to office whose only qualification is she traded in a live husband for a dead one and an elected office?

    What does it say about an electorate that after all this time hasn’t noticed that she has yet to propose any bill that would have made her dead husband safer were it in effect the day he died (and perhaps he wouldn’t have been a victim of Ferguson) , and instead keeps proposing bills and supporting measures that would require every person to be as helpless as her dead husband was on the day he died?

    What do you mean, we shouldn’t be alarmed? Hell yes, we should be alarmed. ‘Anytime a majority elects someone to office who holds their lives as cheaply as McCarthy does is a good time to be alarmed.

  2. McCarthy is a bozo, and I agree with you that her constituents have to be on crack to have elected her with her only qualifacation being she had a husband killed by Colin Furgeson. But what I mean is the bill isn’t even being heard by the subcomittee yet. We don’t even have text. People introduce all manner of loony tunes bills all the time and they never make it out of committe.

    Should we be alarmed that this congressional district continues sending McCarthy back to Congress? Yes. I don’t get it either, but then again, she’s from Long Island.

    Should we be alarmed that Congress is on the virge of passing another AWB? No, not yet. This is what I’m saying we need to watch, but not get too worried about at this point. Right now it’s just another loony bill introduced by another loony Congress Critter. When it passes out of subcommittee and gets some cosponsors is when it’ll be time to start getting worried and doing something.

  3. I knew what you meant, I just didn’t want other readers to think just because her chances are slim this time, that we are home free. There are just too damn many Americans that shouldn’t be, they don’t believe in the principles of liberty so many have sacrificed for, from the day of founding to right this minute.

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