Where Great Britain Never Was

This is going viral in the gun-o-sphere:

I know, I know, UK cops saving the world one Buck 110 at a time. I think my father might have had one of those.

But just some historical notes for the curious: the PSNI are the Police Service of Northern Ireland. They are the successor organization to the Royal Ulster Constabulary, who were regarded, and not without justification, as thugs with badges by the catholic population of Ulster. PSNI are the kinder, gentler RUC that were created under the Good Friday Agreement, which governs Northern Ireland’s relationship with the British mainland.

Northern Ireland is part of the United Kingdom, but it is not part of Great Britain. The Northern Irish are Irish, not British. Though many are Scots by descent. Great Britain is Scotland, England and Wales.

Because of the Good Friday Agreement, Northern Ireland are not subject to the same gun laws found in Great Britain. You can still legally own a handgun in Northern Ireland. It is the only part of the United Kingdom where self-defense is an acceptable and valid reason to own a firearm. However, they are still governed by the ridiculous UK knife laws, which is seems to Royal Ulster Constabulary Police Service of Northern Ireland are enforcing. Locking knives are strictly forbidden under the Knife laws, as are knives with blades longer than three inches. The Buck 110 both locks and has a blade that’s 3.75 inches long.

13 thoughts on “Where Great Britain Never Was”

  1. That’s not a knife. I would be embarrassed to pull out one so small for defense.

    But I am glad these knife laws are working out so well for the thugs with and without badges.

  2. There was a time when a Buck Folding Hunter (as the 110 was once known) could be found on the belts of many a US copper.

  3. I did not know that handguns were allowed in NI. I do know that some other parts of the UK Empire have more permissive laws – for example, the Falkland Islands.

  4. I had one of those as a kid. I’m not sure what happened to it…

    What I have in my pocket right now would be like artillery to them.

  5. I carried one of these in a sheath to High School most days in the 70s. It never jumped out and harmed anyone. Did really well with hemp rope in the school theater lofts though.

  6. That’s funny. My first knife was a Buck 110, and guess where I lost it back in 1977? In my back yard in ENGLAND!

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