All Tools are Weapons

Just so you know where the end game is, this is a campaign in the United Kingdom. Yes, this seems to be serious, and not a parody. Look at the weapons! I see a hammer, a santoku kitchen knife, crossed with a fillet kitchen knife, and a screwdriver. There are not weapons to any normal person who is not half off their rocker. These are unambiguously tools. Are carpenters cowards? Are chefs cowards? Electricians? How does one determine whether someone is carrying a tool for a legitimate purpose or as a weapon? Why would any sane society want to put its people through something like this, having to justify why I might have a hammer, screwdriver, or knife in my car? Why I am carrying a Leatherman? Does anyone in Britain have the guts to tell these people they’ve lost their minds? It’s frankly hard to believe these are the same people who weathered The Blitz and stormed into France at Juneau and Sword.

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  1. So first Cookie Monster becomes Dietitian Monster, and now he’s branching out into Anti-Skilled Trade Monster?

  2. The sick thing about this, if you really think about it, is that the typical person who carries might be a “coward”, in the sense that they aren’t looking for fights. If they can get through the day without that mugging, or that gang member taunting them, or that ex stalking them, they would be very happy! They aren’t looking for fights, but are afraid of people who are.

    I could live with being such a “coward”. I would hope that everyone would be such a coward, because then the world would be a safer place. But the type of bravery that Great Britain expects, is to stoically face your tormentors–and your potential executioners–and take your beating, and perhaps even die, hoping that everyone who mourns your death, will at least appreciate your willingness to take a bullet (in some cases, even literally) for a sick form of “peace”.

    Ironically, real heroes not only carry weapons, but they run into danger to save innocent life, sometimes even at risk to their own!

  3. Why would any sane society want to put its people through something like this, having to justify why I might have a hammer, screwdriver, or knife in my car?

    Modern Britain’s government is not sane.

  4. Pretty sure Cookie Monster is owned by the Jim Henson Company. I’ve sent them a note on the possible infringement.

    1. And Henson Inc is owned by Disney LLC. I both companies, separate, and now as a conglomerate, are VERY protective of their IP. Same goes for Lucas Arts holding of Star Wars, which is also now held by Disney.

      Not only do I think they didn’t get permission, but what the heck does Cookie Monster have to do with Brit Yobs causing violence?

      Some interesting reading on their Copyright policies:

      They also have a contact email for claims which I submitted a query.

      1. Got a reply. It’s no longer JHC property, but they will forward the data to Sesame Workshop.


        Hi Aaron:

        Thanks very much for passing this along. The Jim Henson Company no longer owns the Sesame Street characters, but I will forward your email along to my legal contact at Sesame Workshop so they can take a look. Thanks again!

        Jill Peterson | Director, Business & Legal Affairs and Sr. Paralegal | The Jim Henson Company, Inc.

  5. Thank god those wig wearing 18th century guys who founded our country got us free from those crazy brits.

  6. So they’re advocating might-makes-right?

    And it’s telling that this group (which one hopes is satire, but fears is not) is against basic civilization defining tools.

    If this is serious, my guess is that they would happily advocate closed transport and safe storage laws for carpenters and plumbers.

    Maybe a permiting system and waiting periods at hardware stores.

  7. So I guess their police officers (who at least have clubs and many of whom have actually firearms) would be cowards as well, right?

  8. I can’t believe this is the country that once had an empire greater than Alexander and Rome. Makes me sick.

  9. I shudder to think of those pretty young ladies on the website wearing T-shirts and hoodies on the streets of London. That’s effectively saying, “I’m utterly defenseless! I can’t even cause you any serious suffering! Have your way with me! I’ll scream a bit, but that won’t help unless some coward with a weapon decides to save me!”

    1. My Christian values tell me I shouldn’t hope they get what they deserve… but some days it’s hard. NOT because I wish them any ill will personally, but because they help drive the statist push to deprive all the peons of the tools of self-defense. A pox on them!

  10. “How does one determine whether someone is carrying a tool for a legitimate purpose or as a weapon?”

    If you use it in self-defense, it’s a weapon. Self-defense is still theoretically legal, but the Offences Against the Person Act 1862 creates a very strong presumption that you are only allowed to use as much force, and the same type of force, as your attacker. If he uses a gun, you can use a gun. If he attacks with a knife, you can use a knife (or probably a screwdriver). Otherwise, like Harrison Bergeron’s world, everyone is equal: the 5’0″ 100 pound woman is the equal in strength and brutality to the 6’5″ 250 pound creep who spends his spare time working out.

  11. Also here’s an interesting tid bit. They held and event at an Air Show!

    There are a few videos up on youtube of the 2013 show, and it looks a LOT like an American Airshow where the RAF brings military planes out for display as well as civilian aerobatic planes.

    So yeah they were having an event to fight against people carrying knives and hammers at a show with FIGHTER JETS!


  12. They aren’t the same people who stormed Normandy. Unfortunately those brave souls are either very old or dead and the descendants they left behind seem hell bent on giving Britain over to Communists and Muslim terrorists.

  13. Not to be a dick, but the Brits hit Gold and Sword. The Canadians hit Juno. Your point remains 100% valid, though.

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