Bloomberg to Run in 2020?

It would be a good thing for us if he did. He didn’t have much luck reviving the gun control movement when he was the face of it. This will bring him out from the shadows.

This would be good for us. Everytown has done much better with Bloomberg in the background signing checks rather than being the face for gun control. This would put him back front and center. He’s probably counting on the Dems picking the loon, thereby making himself the default non-loon choice. But by 2020, Trump will be a known quantity, and Bloomberg will struggle to do well outside of the big coastal cities. It will be hard for the gun control movement to keep him in the background.

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  1. Trump would wipe the floor with Bloomberg, and not just on the gun-issue. Bloomberg makes $big money off of outsourcing American Jobs overseas. He’s a “slave-labor profiteer” with all of the investments he has in outscouring firms.

    You’ll see the States of Maine, New Hampshire, Minnesota, New Mexico, Virginia and Colorado swing back to being, or become Red States for years to come from 2020 and beyond, as well as all of the States that Trump won in 2016. It’ll also be a popular vote landslide for Trump as well.

    1. He’s extremely pro-choice, anti-gun, and liberal on immigration. At least one of those issues is a red-line for almost everyone right-of-center. He’ll get very few votes there.

      I don’t foresee him getting much support from the left either. I’m confident they’ll be running someone the far left is excited about, which won’t be Bloomberg.

      His potential base of support is very limited. Some neoliberal minded people would support him, but not nearly enough to win anything.

  2. Trump v Bloomberg in 2020 would almost certainly be throwing Trump into the Briar Patch.

    Downside risk pretty high, but no worse than any other likely candidate…

  3. “He’s probably counting on the Dems picking the loon, thereby making himself the default non-loon choice.”

    The efficacy of that strategy was sure demonstrated by Romney with the Republicans in 2016, wasn’t it?

  4. He’s been running exploratory studies on a Presidential run since his second term as Mayor, every time the results come back “Outside of the east coast cities the people hate you.”

    He’s always threatening to run, and never running.

  5. I have my money on Tom Steyr or Gillibrand to be honest. Maybe Corey Booker but I don’t think he has the balls (literally?) to stand up to Trump one on one to Trumps face. Probably Gillibrand as Steyr is a white male And to the current Democratic base that’s the absolute worst thing you can be.

    Bloomberg poisons everything he touches. And not just on guns. No one likes him. He’s dumping 80 million to the Democrats this election cycle. If the Republican brings that up that’s going to hurt the democrat. He dumped 50 million pimping gun control after the Sandyhook massacre and he got pretty much butt fuck nothing.

    1. Corey Booker got his rising star fairly thoroughly extinguished a few years back. I forget why, but he’s PNG with the national dems right now.

      1. “Corey Booker got his rising star fairly thoroughly extinguished a few years back.”

        If so, I haven’t heard the Ds or the media talking about. Which is probably why you (or I) don’t remember the reason.

        Personally, I would not be surprised at someone “radically” leftist coming to the front, approximately the way Trump did on the right in 2015 – 2016.

        An important distinction usually missed by most people on the right is, hard-leftists dislike mainstream “liberals” almost as much as “conservatives” do. If the spirit drifts down to the grassroots base — as suggested by the victory of Democratic Socialist member Cortez over the incumbent Crowley in the NY Democratic Primary — someone like Bloomberg would not do well in the 2020 primaries — IMO. I have detected no affection for him on the left.

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              How Cory Booker went from progressive hero to traitor in under 2 days – Vox

              1. This reminds me very much of the “conservative v. RINO” alignments among Republicans; very much a mirror image.

                On the right, it usually traces to a similar phenomenon. Republicans who will align with social conservatives (usually) just enough to get elected, but when their corporate sponsors jerk their chains up short, go with the money.

                The corporate sponsors themselves will heavily fund social conservatives for the same reason – to deliver votes that are moderately reliable for their interests – but will never let those issues get in the way of economics.

                And then there are gun rights.

                When the chips are down, don’t expect either party to land too far from the money.

                1. From the influence – the ILA makes their modest monetary input go a lot farther than most lobbying groups by turning out the voters.

                  Money is nice, voters are life.

  6. >He’s probably counting on the Dems picking the loon

    Will there even be a non-loon in contention? I was just talking to someone about this. Can you imagine the shitshow the primary will be? Sanders, Warren, Harris, Gillibrand, etc all competing for votes of the left wing base. Are they all going to try to outflank each other from the left? All of them are trying to fill the niche of darling of the hard left. I think a great deal of the country is going to be stunned by the lunacy on display in the 2020 Democratic primary. This is why I believe Trump has a good chance.

    I think a Bill Clinton-type would annihilate us 2020. But there’s zero percent chance of them nominating someone like that. Its very likely to be far-lefties from the Northeast and California who overdose on gun control and social justice and give Trump a fighting chance.

    1. Joe Biden could easily run, too, though a win would not be assured as the Dem base seems to want themselves an extra helping of SJW this time around.

    2. “I think a great deal of the country is going to be stunned by the lunacy on display in the 2020 Democratic primary.”

      This is another example of where the 2020 Democratic primaries could be analogous to the 2016 Republican primaries. A clown car designed to be driven on the lefthand side of the road, with the biggest loon finally taking the wheel?

      1. I think the DNC is already rigging their 2020 Presidential Nomination for Biden, just as they did for Clinton in 2016.

        1. Right now my sense of things is that would be a winning strategy. But that depends on how far to the left non-Trumpers run by then.

          Again I see an analogy to “the right” in 2016. No one would have imagined the electorate running that far in the direction Trump staked out. A Biden candidacy could be rigged, and it turn out all for naught.

          The mirror-image scenario could be, so many unlikely Democrat candidates coming forth that the most unlikely prevails.

          I have long observed the human psychological phenomenon that when people are offered multiple “good” choices, they will be so confused by them they will choose the one clearly “bad” choice, as the only choice that stands out as “different”.

          I’m not implying that any Democrat choices will be “good,” just that there is a chance their base will choose the most “extreme” candidate as the only one clearly “different”.

  7. I wonder if a third party run by Bloomberg would hurt the dem nominee or Trump more. I can see Bloomberg splitting a lot of the moderate democrat city dweller vote… But I also suspect he’d be attractive to a lot of never trumper country club rinos.

    1. “I wonder if a third party run by Bloomberg would hurt the dem nominee or Trump more”

      I think that would be political suicide for him, and he knows it. Anyone who split the not-Trump would be cursed forever.

      Personally, I would not be surprised of the usual-suspect minor parties stand down for 2020, at least to such an extent that they don’t get on enough ballots in enough states to make any difference. Though on the other hand, I would not be surprised either if both major parties promote minor parties that will hurt their opponents in different states. For example, the Ds boosting the Constitution Party in red states, the Rs boosting the Green Party in blue states.

      I remember when Ed Rendell ran in Pennsylvania, he announced that his son intended to vote Libertarian. BS, I was sure.

  8. Bloomberg is floating the rumor of running to gain political influence, but he’s far too arrogant a psychopath to tolerate losing, and he cannot win, so he will not run.

  9. If Bloomberg runs, it won’t be to win. His goal would be to shift the field left on gun control. Biden, Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Oprah, O’Malley et al., won’t let Bloomberg out-crazy them on gun grabbing.

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