The Final Indignity for the Departing New Jersey Gun Owner

I had no idea this was a requirement. New Jersey screws you as a gun owner even if you leave!

From Evan Nappen, foremost authority on New Jersey gun laws:

Moving out of New Jersey? You still must do a “Change of Address” on your NJ Firearms Purchaser ID Card within 30 days of moving to your new out-of-state residence. (Jersey issues non-resident FPICs.) You may also choose to voluntarily surrender your FPIC. Failure to take action is a crime of the 3rd Degree. Max of 5 years in NJ State Prison for non-compliance. You can be criminally charged and extradited back to NJ.

The bridge tolls to get out are hella expensive too.

18 thoughts on “The Final Indignity for the Departing New Jersey Gun Owner”

  1. Takes note.

    Because of course.

    And the last major toll free bridge out of NJ that I know of is getting tolled in the next year or two as part of the I 95 upgrade projects

  2. I wonder how many pro-gun states would cooperate with extradition for that — probably not many.

  3. The day after leaving NJ, I swore that not even the good Pizza would convince me to ever move back there.

    My wife and I can’t wait until our remaining family members stuck in that Leftist Sewage Bucket of NJ, have all left there after next summer.

    We can’t wait to never have to visit that State, ever again.

  4. How would they know? I left in 2006. The food draws me back every 3 or 4 years but everything else is terrible.

  5. How many of the residents of NJ know that most all the towns would go bankrupt if the State Police stopped writing speeding/traffic tickets?

    This was discovered back in ’05, when they went on “strike”.

    That’s not an exaggeration.

  6. Still got my card when I left in ’89. No picture just a fingerprint. Come and get it statists.

    1. As of 2009 or so it still wasn’t picture ID, only the fingerprinting. I don’t believe that’s changed up to today.

  7. If I moved out of New Jersey I’d never use my NJ firearms ID card again. Leave it up to NJ legislators to come up with some bulls#it like this. Thank God I don’t have to deal with NJ idiot legislators any longer.

  8. A simple forget can get 5 years of prison, this is very bad, always have someone still forget for something on their life. The best solution is don’t buy the guns.

  9. “When dealing with guns, the citizen acts at his peril”
    1996 New Jersey Superior Court decision State vs. Pelleteri

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