Dick’s Living Up to the Name

Dick’s Sporting Goods continues to be dicks …

They are hiring three gun control lobbyists. Fortunately for us, Dick’s Sporting Goods is circling the bowl as we speak. Dick’s is scheduled to report its Q1 2018 earnings on the 15th of this month, so that will be a key thing to watch. Their Q4 2017 earnings were not so good. Get Woke, go broke.

It’s very important that we spread the word to sportsmen not to shop at Dick’s. For anything. I still hear people around my club talking about Dick’s. I don’t know if they don’t know or just don’t care. But I’m thinking this is worth raising some awareness over.

10 thoughts on “Dick’s Living Up to the Name”

  1. I’m shocked that people still shop at Dicks. Educating our fellow gun owners about this is a must.

    I’ll be keeping a close eye on the at earnings report. I’m hoping its really bad.

  2. I am shocked anyone at all shops at Dicks. Not just gun owners. Anything I find at Dicks, I can find online cheaper and have it to my door in a few days. Having failed at retailing with other peoples money, seems like the CEO wants to try his hand at politics with other peoples money.

    They just opened two new stores, one is in Waco TX. The other is in Little Rock, AR. I wonder how that is working out for them now.

  3. I bought one basketball from Dicks to bounce around when I was 12 I think it was. Then when I was in college I bought a BB gun from Dicks. That was my last purchase. They never struck me as being anything spectacular.

      1. Haha. We’re all boycotting Dick’s. We’re “plugged in” to gun-politics more so than our range-outings. We’ve all been following this, and responding in kind.

  4. “We know our strategy is terrible, we want to lobby the government to make our strategy the law”

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