Blogger Day of Silence

Today is supposed to be a blogger day of silence, to raise awareness of the threats bloggers face to free speech. I am not participating, because being silent to raise awareness seems like a contradiction to me, I’m just really busy today. But consider your awareness raised. People can file lawsuits in an attempt to silence bloggers, then get them arrested when they run across a senile old judge who’s lost his mind.

I’ll be back with some posts in a bit.

3 thoughts on “Blogger Day of Silence”

  1. Okay, I wondered what happened to “Day by Day”. The irritating thing was the runaway drone was about to hit Zed, et al, at a firing range. Now, I gotta wait another whole day to see one of them shoot the damn thing out of the sky.

    1. (More of an update than a reply) Dang! The drone’s already shot to doll rags! The shoot down was covered up!

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