18 thoughts on “Don’t Forget to Vote”

  1. Virginia is officially LOST!

    I’ll address my points in tomorrow’s blogs.

      1. I wouldn’t go that far. The gov has flipped parties how many times in 30 years? Bob McDonnell’s antics screwed the GOP for some time to come, and an establishment dolt like Gillespie lost by a wider margin than Cuccinelli!

        If you ceded Arlington and/or Fairfax counties to DC once again you would do the state a big favor. :)

        1. “If you ceded Arlington and/or Fairfax counties to DC once again you would do the state a big favor.”

          And give Philly and NYC to NJ, and the rest of us are happy! :-)

  2. Reading that Northam also got $700,000 in Bloomberg money and $150,000 from Giffords PAC. That will go quite a ways… but didn’t really move the needle considering McAuliffe was also F rated by NRA. This money plus his losses from 2013 is pretty much break even for Bloomberg in the Commonwealth.

    1. Unfortunately, Virginia is a suburb of DC, and when you get someone coming in saying they are going to “drain the swamp”, the people who live in Northern Virginia are the swamp rats.

  3. I’ve lived in Virginia nearly all my life, and NOVA for the last decade or so. I hate to say it, but Virginia is slowly mirroring Illinois and Maryland. Northern Virginia is dominated by left-leaning transplants that commute to DC. It’s been a long time coming, but there are finally enough voters in the three blue metro areas to override the rest of the state. I don’t see things improving here.

  4. I agree that VA is lost at this point. It isn’t so much that Northam one. It’s that every Republican incumbent in NoVA, regardless of their conservative cred, were beaten, some handily, by newcomer Democrats. What this tells me is that we’ve officially reached the tipping point, at least at the state level.

    The swamp has been growing since the 60s, but the Bush years put it into overdrive. Even when I moved down there in 2006, there were enough moderate Rs peppered throughout Fairfax (which McDonnell won in 2009 BTW), Loudon, and Prince William to have Rs be competitive at the state level. These folks may not be Trump voters but usually looked at the state senator and delegate candidates for their stance on local issues. I think these voters have been effectively negated by liberal transplants, immigrants, and other LIVs who vote straight D.

    If I were Trump, I wouldn’t waste a dime on VA in 2020.

  5. VA is the new PA. Blue enough that the Rs can’t win, but just purple enough that the Ds still have to fight.

    1. In many ways, Virginia actually has better pro-gun momentum than we do. PA can only hope to get an organization like VCDL.

      Virginia repealed “one gun a month” AND got a great reciprocity deal in the midst of a fight with a liberal Dem AG.

        1. In that case, would that we be lucky to stand on death ground when we have the laziest legislature this side of the Mississippi (to paraphrase PatrickHenry)!

      1. When we had the House. We don’t anymore. This isn’t about the Governor races.

        1. I’ll have more to say about all this later, but yep. The big news is how badly the GOP got beaten in the House of Delegates. That kind of loss is unprecedented.

  6. Is it interesting that the NJ Governor’s race broke down at pretty much the “structural” Democratic advantage, though, despite Chris Christie’s deep unpopularity and his hand-picked successor running?

    (I know at least one committed democrat who voted Green rather than vote for Jon Corzine Jr, so there’s that, too)

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