Shannon Watts Still Pressuring Facebook

Having given up on convincing legislatures to commit political suicide, she now turns to the biggest source of moral cowards in America, corporate board rooms. With that, she’s been pressuring Facebook to become more anti-gun. I say more anti-gun, because as the article points out, they already do not allow legitimate federally licensed gun dealers to advertise on Facebook.

I’m honestly not sure what she expects them to do? Set their systems to trigger on the word gun, or pictures of guns, and make sure no one is trying to sell something? Put something in their policy about not allowing people to sell guns illegally? I get these people are big on thinking pieces of paper and words can stopped psychopaths and sociopaths, but I have to believe she’s looking for a little more bigotry out of Facebook than that. Shannon Watts is a world class fanatic, after all.

If Facebook ends up banning pictures of guns, or talk about guns, I’m through with it. It’s already pretty much ruined itself. The only downside for the big is that Facebook is now in my top five sources of traffic. Maybe NRA should direct its 3 million followers on Facebook to call the company and tell them to tell Shannon Watts and her 147,000 rabid mommies to go to hell. Facebook has a lot more to lose if we leave.

UPDATE: Caleb with basically the same post. Shows what happens when I don’t have time to check in with the other bloggers.

13 thoughts on “Shannon Watts Still Pressuring Facebook”

  1. So far Walmart and Staples have resisted, while Starbucks folded.

    We should start a pool on their next target. Costco is already anti-gun, so I’d guess Home Depot or Target. Maybe YouTube.

    If they continue to mostly fail with these campaigns, it will be harder to get their followers motivated to participate, and harder for the media to give them ink over it. So hopefully Facebook tells them to pound sand and their pressure-private-business strategy peters out.

    1. Starbucks said we follow local laws, please enjoy your coffee and leave us alone. They folded because of the way OCers carried on trying to prove something and metaphorically shot us in the foot.

      1. ^^This^^

        Personally, I’m tired of hearing about how Starbucks folded and is now anti-gun. All they did was ask to be left out of it. They want to engage in their business – selling overpriced coffee drinks – and they’ll follow the laws of the state.

        (Hint: Following the laws of the state is pretty much all we can reasonably expect “pro-gun” Walmart and Staples to do, too.)

        It was people on our side that chose to perceive Starbucks’ neutrality as tacit support, and then chose to perceive their re-iterated statement of neutrality as opposition. (I’m not claiming no fault here, either; I perceived them to be “pro-gun,” too. Mea culpa.) Until and unless they start actively opposing gun rights in general and/or the Open Carry movement in particular, I think they deserve the benefit of doubt.

        1. Exactly. They never said they’d ban anybody that was doing something legally. They said they MIGHT be asked to leave. They aren’t posting signs.

          Its just as much as a loss for gun rights as California was. I’m really thinking the clown militia is the anti-OCers.

  2. The woman who started and runs Mom Demand Action lives in suburban Indianapolis. The NRA AM is in Indianapolis this year. Wonder if she will be organizing a protest? Should be something to keep an eye on.

    1. And to take pictures of, and mock the tiny size of, and point and laugh at, yes.

  3. We should just make sure that every time we post a picture or post of gun related stuff….. We include the name Shannon Watts.

    Then HER name will be associated as a key word.

    1. brilliant idea.

      Along the same lines, I think anytime anyone mentions the name of that no good despotic thug of a governor Andrew “Vote Cuomo and Not The Homo” Cuomo people should include the Phrease Vote Cumo and Not The Homo” to ensure people always remember his terrible past as a proud and public gay bashing bigot and the importance he saw it playing in the primary that he managed for his father against NY City Mayor Ed Koch (who was single, but never said whether he was gay or not).

  4. Shannon, your hypocritical nonsense holds no bounds. You are protected by guards armed with guns..the very thing you keep trying to get away from law-abiding citizens. I suggest you stop your pathetic pandering because we all know what you are doing for money. You are an bare assembly to strong, self-reliant women everywhere! People like you are setting womens rights back 100 years with your pitiful whining, scared, uneducated, intellectually and morally bankrupt drivel. If you want to do something worthwhile instead of just protituting yourself, I suggest you pick a different topic.

    1. We need to keep in mind that Shannon Watts is a paid media consultant, and not an individual acting out of any sense of truth or good intentions.

  5. If a consensus can be reached that Ms. Watts needs a good spanking, I’ll happily volunteer to administer it!

  6. The people who went insane with their idea of open carry (taking their AR clones & shotguns) to Starbucks is what prompted Starbucks response. They just asked to be taken out of the debate, I still go there, carrying concealed, and have never been bothered. There’s too many total extremists in our midst that screw up everything for those of us rational gun folks.

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