Arrest for Guns in Schools

Firearms Attorney Joshua Prince notes that in the recent case of a man in Upper Darby getting arrested for having a firearms in school, the Chief of Police may have violated the LTC privacy laws by releasing his LTC status to the press. Also, the arrest would seem to be in violation of the recent Superior Court decision Commonwealth v. Goslin.

Chitwood is an absolute shit to gun owners, and I would love to see a nice judgement against him. I’m not sure I agree that the reporter, Stephanie Farr, would be liable, since she should be protected under New York Times v. US. It’s the bozo who leaked it that’s liable.

12 thoughts on “Arrest for Guns in Schools”

  1. I wouldn’t be surprised if even the left would tacitly support going after Chitwood in this case. For years he’s been a law-and-order cops’ cop, and is always turning up in the news like the proverbial bad penny, invariably taking whichever side of an issue is most Authoritarian.

    1. Upper Darby police have had a reputation in Delco for some time. My maternal Uncle knows it first hand from when he got in trouble there for something minor as a teenager and had the crap beat out of him. Hopefully it’s better now.

  2. “…had the crap beat out of him.”

    That could have been anywhere in PA in those days. In Bucks County, I didn’t exactly get the crap beat out of me, but a close enough approximation for my tastes. The counterbalance was, I hadn’t done anything at all except provide them with a convenient victim.

    But, all of Delco still has a bad reputation, so I’m not discounting what you’re saying.

    1. “That could have been anywhere in PA in those days.”

      It occurred to me later that I probably misspoke with that sentence. I doubt it has anything to do with “days,” so much as, today you and I probably look relatively affluent and like we might have some resources. So, today we get to meet Officer Friendly. If we looked poor (like I did wearing a Korean War field jacket, needing a haircut before long hair was stylish, and driving a beat up old truck) we’d still have a high probability of getting the crap beat out of us.

      My original thought was, I and your uncle probably had our cop experiences at around the same time.

      1. My mother’s younger brother. My mother was born in 1951. So about 10 years younger than you. Would have been late 60s, early 70s.

        1. I can come close to giving you the exact date, but, my incident was in the last week of January, ’66. So, same approximate time-frame/era.

          I’m only a couple weeks too old to be an “official” Baby Boomer.

    1. Yea, and 2 or more guns is an “arsenal”, and 50+ rounds of ammunition (i.e. more than one box) is a “cache”.

      To you or I, that’s a slooooow day at the range, but the media is under standing orders to use the scariest words available, whenever possible.

      1. Hell, I just went to the range with four pistols, four Title II firearms, and somewhere around a thousand rounds of ammo.

  3. Also, you lack a link to the Princelaw post itself. Your first link goes to

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