Readshaw Bill Passes

The Pennsylvania General Assembly has passed the Readshaw bill unanimously. This extends liability protection for land owners who open their land for public hunting.

“For decades, the Recreational Use of Land and Water Act stood to protect landowners who agree to open their land to hunters,” Roe said. “However, a recent civil case in Lehigh County, demonstrated that there was a need to strengthen the law, thereby continuing to provide liability protection for landowners who generously open their lands to hunters.

“With House approval of Rep. Readshaw’s bill, we now look forward to working with the Senate to advance this measure to Governor Edward G. Rendell’s desk in a timely manner.”

I expect Rendell will sign this. Even if he doesn’t, unanimous is a veto proof majority. Pennsylvania has always protected land owners from liability for opening their land to hunters, but a recent case in Lehigh County, in which a judge ruled a property owner partially liable for an injury to a woman a half-mile away from a hunter’s stray bullet. It’s good to see it pass unanimously, which is quite a feat. I’m sure the senate will quickly pass it.