That Didn’t Take Long: Obama Lead Ammo Ban Gone

On his first day, Trump’s Interior Secretary overturned the last-minute Obama Administration ban on lead ammunition on public lands. This will not be the last you hear of the lead issue. It’s going to come back. If we’re going to ban lead as a core material for bullets, the feds have to repeal the armor piercing ammunition law. Most of the other alternate materials bullets can be made from would qualify it as “armor piercing” under the law. Typically hunters have used pure copper bullets in jurisdictions like California, which ban lead ammunition. Pure copper bullets aren’t considered armor piercing, but they are very expensive, and not an option for shooters who go through hundreds of rounds in a shooting session.

7 thoughts on “That Didn’t Take Long: Obama Lead Ammo Ban Gone”

  1. Maybe the next good news – CMP selling military surplus M1911’s. The law was passed, Obama signed, all it needs is authorization from the Secretary of the Army. Needless to say, Obama’s surrogate never gave that authorization. I’ll bet Trump’s will.

      1. If that’s not sarcasm, then it would mean you envision gang members all over the country lining up to fill out Federal paperwork and get background checks so that they can purchase highly-sought-after collectibles. So I’m assuming sarcasm…

      2. The armor piercing ammo ban is and always has been a bullshit issue. Any rifle round will penetrate police soft body armor, no matter what it’s made of. The only reason the law was passed is so politicians could be seen “doing something.”

  2. Banning lead bullets and AP bullets at the same time is simply a ploy to ban all ammo. The anti-self defense fanatics simply don’t want people to be able to protect themselves. Technical arguments will not move them.

  3. I support this action whole-heartedly, but I’d now like to see it cemented (as much as anything can be) by congressional action in the form of legislation that a future Chief Executive (or his bureaucrat appointees) can’t undo with the sweep of a pen.

    The Republicans do have the majority in congress.

    I’ll repeat my fear that when this administration implodes — justified or not — a lot of our issues are going to get washed away in the flood of popular backlash.

    We shouldn’t settle for easy. Both EOs and the Cult of The SCOTUS Justice have evolved because congressthings from both broad factions love to have plausible deniability of responsibility for whatever happens. They can tell softhead constituents visiting them in their offices, that they stand foursquare for whatever they want to hear, and there will be little public record to the contrary.

  4. Whetherman:

    Trump IS the popular backlash.

    If the Elites and the Left (pretty much the same) succeed in stopping Trump, our mostly cool-ish civil war will likely get very warm. From a historical perspective, they won’t like the result of that.

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