You Know What Makes Guns Get Left in Cars? Gun Free Zones

Bloomberg’s propaganda media outlet “The Trace” is busy promoting the idea that cars are not gun safes again. The great irony in this is that Bloomberg’s organizations also promote laws that create a patchwork of restrictions on taking guns into places like post office’s, restaurants, parks, public transit, etc. You know what people do when as part of their daily errands have to go to one of these places? Yep, you guessed it: leave their guns in their cars. You might wish people would just leave them at home, but that’s not going to happen. You might wish that the law banned people from carrying firearms outside the home entirely, but now all but five or so states allow most law-abiding people to do so, and that’s not going to change. Gun free zones encourage people to leave guns in cars. If Bloomberg’s organizations feel this is a real problem, they would end their opposition to measures that encourages people to keep their firearms where it is least likely to be stolen: on their persons.

5 thoughts on “You Know What Makes Guns Get Left in Cars? Gun Free Zones”

  1. If one’s carry firearm is properly concealed, the only place one shouldn’t carry it is into a place with a metal detector at the door…jist sayin’…

    1. I divide GFZs into two classes: those that have the force of law (i.e. Criminal charges if caught) and those that don’t. I regularly carry into the latter, but I end to avoid carrying into the former.

  2. Removing places from the list of gun free zones is up there with universal reciprocity as my priorities for reform. I don’t see it happening in places like NY and CA though. Even if we can get Federal gun-free zone laws eliminated, the anti-self defense states will just replicate them. Things will get safer in the rest of the country though.

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