Why No One Should Trust Social Media

This fascinating article in Mic talks about how Snap tried to pick Mike Bloomberg’s deep pockets using the gun control issue, but apparently they weren’t biting. Apparently they told Bloomberg’s Everytown folks if they didn’t buy all the ads, then they would be available to the NRA as well. They didn’t bite on that one, because apparently Everytown was already talking to Snap’s news division about a big ol’ chunk of earned media they felt would be more valuable.

This is how the game is played folks. They didn’t have to jump in bed with Snap’s advertising division, because their news division had already jumped into bed with Bloomberg!

It’s a joke. Seriously, don’t believe anything you see in the media, and especially social media. You can’t even go with “Trust, but Verify.” Expect you’re being lied to and seek primary sources.

4 thoughts on “Why No One Should Trust Social Media”

  1. What was it Burt Lancaster said in the prologue to “The Crimson Pirate” “Ask no questions” (i.e. believe nothing you hear) “and only what you see. No– only half of what you see.”
    Of course, to quote my Dad, “You don’t know which half of the TV news is false.”

  2. Editorial departments are opinion places So not surprising they would partner on anti gun messaging . The pure capitalist avarice of the advertising dept was a wonder. Buy the package or your ideological enemy can advertise against your narrative
    Capitalism was a friend in this case.

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