The Plot Thickens

So if Moms Against Guns is not a non-profit group, and is a corporation, what is the deal behind Clear Channel Outdoors and Interstate Outdoor Advertising donating billboards to them?  Are these two companies aware they just made a major donation to a for-profit corporation?

That would lead me to believe that Clear Channel Outdoors and Interstate Outdoor Advertising are simply going out of their way to screw Pennsylvania gun owners in the November 2008 elections.

6 thoughts on “The Plot Thickens”

  1. I keep saying it’s likely they’re trying to curry favor with the political machine because they do business with the city/state.

  2. Actually, Jacob, that’s not accurate. There are lawyers involved now. And guess what, they did believe the Moms were a (c)3 group. Please be more cautious when assuming you know the details on a story you haven’t investigated. We’re trying to keep up with this, but I can actually say I’ve spoken with them and are on the call list when follow-up action is determined.

  3. Confucious say, Man who jump to conclusion, often land on wrong end…

    But if you asked 100 people on the street they’d probably guess Moms was a charity, not an LLC.

    Let’s pop some popcorn and see what develops!

  4. Once again I am reminded of why you are called Bitch.

    This may come as a surprise to your highness, but I am not as stupid as you like to think and I don’t say these things simply to get a rise out of people or of a need for self promotion. Somewhere, somehow, somebody’s political fingerprints will be all over this.

  5. Jacob,

    One, no one thinks you’re stupid. Two, we have enough information to be reasonably certain how this ended up happening, and it’s more cluelessness than corruption. Three, don’t call my girlfriend a bitch on my blog. Yes, I know that’s her name, but yeah… just don’t.

    You are often an astute observer, and I respect your input, Jacob, but you need to learn how to be argue, even when you’re right, without being a dick about it.

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