A Reminder: Comcast is Evil and You Shouldn’t Give Them Money

Comcast Sauron

As if NRA didn’t have enough problems with the Great American Outdoor Show, with the Mayor of Harrisburg, Eric Papenfuse, trying to shake NRA down, Comcast Corporation, which owns NBC, MSNBC, and whose CEO is a huge Obama bundler and Democratic insider, decided they didn’t want to miss out on jerking NRA around either, because their ad showed pictures of the air gun range they run for the kids.

If I were Republican lawmakers in the area, I’d start to look into Comcast’s monopolistic practices. I’m thinking they might need a few more regulations. If they want to run their company in a partisan manner, they are free too. We should also regulate them in a partisan manner, in that instance.

I cut the cord years ago, and I’m glad I’m no longer forking over more than a hundred bucks a month for their shitty product. I get that for a lot of people, there’s no other choice for high-speed Internet, but if you can swing it, cut the cord! Stop giving money to a partisan hack of a company everyone hates and who frankly hates you too.

9 thoughts on “A Reminder: Comcast is Evil and You Shouldn’t Give Them Money”

    1. Quality wise, yes. Politically, I haven’t heard of Verizon doing much politically, other than your typical regulatory capture stuff.

    2. I get the Outdoor Channel and NRA/MidwayUSA/Brownells sponsored programming on Verizon FIOS.

      1. I get them on Comcast as well, unfortunately for me it’s comcast or nothing.

        1. Same situation here, I can’t even get DSL here. It’s comcast cable modem or dialup, and with 6 networked computers and a half dozen game systems needing internet I really have no choice.

  1. That crap is built into the law, all these cable franchise agreements. I dont see a Republican touching it.

    1. Yep. Something to remember when the old “enforce the laws on the books” argument comes around again.

      Gun laws aren’t the only ones with ridiculous crap built in.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know all that stuff about Comcast. I just knew they have TERRIBLE service at a higher price than Verizon whom I have never had an outage or issue with.

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