To All the Gun Voters Who Worked Hard: Thank You

I spent a lot of time and effort trying to convince people, despite serious flaws in their record on the gun issue, to vote for John McCain and Mitt Romney. I thought Barack Obama was going to be a disaster for gun rights, and he very nearly was! I don’t regret what I did, because we’d be 7-2 on the Second Amendment right now on the Supreme Court if McCain had won. I feared one of the Heller Five would not make it to the end of an Obama second term, and I was right. I did not expect the GOP to grow a pair and block Obama from putting a third Justice on the Court, but thank God they did. Even if the best McCain could do is Papa Bush, we’d at least be 6-3, which is a better place to be than 5-4.

But I can’t ask people to do something I am not willing to do myself, and I just couldn’t work up enough enthusiasm to shill for Trump, and my down ticket races were Toomey and Fitzpatrick. A lot of people were enthusiastic for Trump, and did the necessary and often unenjoyable ground work needed to win elections. The future of the Second Amendment will probably owe them a debt of gratitude. I’m sorry I could not join you this time, but I will continue to do what I can to fight the good fight in a future of hopefully better candidates.

I do not trust Trump, but hopefully he at least knows where his bread is buttered and gives us some decent Supreme Court picks. I am hopeful he’ll be a better President than I expect. The people have spoken! God help us, they have spoken.

6 thoughts on “To All the Gun Voters Who Worked Hard: Thank You”

  1. “I do not trust Trump, but hopefully he at least knows where his bread is buttered and gives us some decent Supreme Court picks.”

    I don’t trust him at all….and he’s already played against us in the 1st debate.

    Still if we play the hand we have been dealt, and play it hard, we certainly have MUCH better chances than with Hillary.

  2. I think you can trust Trump for at least one practical reason. He wants to leave a positive legacy, and he knows he will have to do that despite the media.

  3. As a movement, we must take the long view. It really doesn’t matter what we think of Trump, the Democratic Party LOST the Office, Senate and House. They must take it deep into hearts, and we must drive it home: YOUR STANCE ON GUNS COST YOU EVERYTHING! It doesn’t need to be factually true (there are dozens of reasons, 2A is just one.) We must convince them to the core that it is POISON to touch the issue at all. Preach it far and wide and reward PRO 2A politicians for good behavior.

    We must also push them to enact some serious meaningful 2A recovery legislation. National RTC, gut aspects of GCAs, delist silencers and SBRs. Open up MG manufacture and delist. The possibilities are huge and we have to push hard!

  4. I hope I am wrong about Trump and he’ll appoint good justices. I doubt it, but its still possible.

    I voted Castle and Clifford because I could not support either GOP candidate. Glad I did.

    1. I voted Castle as well, but only because Trump already had my State locked up. I wanted to give the CP some boost for the future, but if it would have been too close to call here, I would’ve voted Trump for the 2A. – Arnie

  5. It’s cool. We’re all on the same team and we can come together now that the election is over. Thank you for everything you do.

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