17 thoughts on “Best Election Ever!”

  1. Has Kellyann (Trump’s campaign manager) secured every device he owns that can access Twitter, and given Melania an auto-injector full of tranquilizer in case he tries to get frisky in bed…with an iPad? I swear the reason Kellyann has him running the nation ragged is to make him too tired to Tweet.

    Trump has never has more than two weeks with a good run. Usually less. The election is a little more than two weeks from when he started catching up. Every time he gets ahead he gets cocky, and then he says or does (usually both) something Yugely Stupid(tm) that sucks all the air out of his sails.

    Can Trump break his own record of not calling someone fat, stupid or ugly? Will he avoid threats against people who mean nothing to nobody? Will he stop channeling Alex Jones-worthy conspiracies eight more days?

    Gawd, I hope so.

    1. I doubt it, but the bigger question is, “Can the American people overlook the mean and/or stupid things Trump says more than the downright criminal and/or evil things Hillary does?”

      1. LA Times/Dornsife/USC daily tracker shows his ascent starting on 24 October. That poll is weighted 4-5 points in the favor of the challenger due to psychological issues in polling (which they admit) but it is generally considered an accurate indicator of direction (though he is 6.6 up as of this morning, almost beyond the edge of their confidence interval).

        So Trump is on day eight of his ascent. He has seven more days to go. History says he will implode by this Friday.

        However…I watched one of his stops yesterday. Not only did he stick to script, he did so with actual pain. He winced when he added an off-script “very, very bad things” when talking about random Hillary deeds. He caught himself over and over again before he went off script again. You could see it, and I think at least twice he actually bit his own cheek.

        But you could tell – he wanted to go Bullworth so bad it was actually hurting him. Also, it looks like they’ve taken his iThings away.

        We’ll see.

  2. I can’t stop dwelling on the irony that for years and years I believed the main reason for keeping the RKBA was in case a fascist or communist government should take over; and now I’m being told that to protect our RKBA I should choose between a fascist and a communist.

    Indeed, we never could have written this stuff.

  3. It would be “the Wiener who brings Hil down.” If we were talking about “the wiener that brings Hil down”, it would be a different story, and somewhat more bizarre!

  4. Both Bill and Hillary have had problems with Wiener scandals and damage control. Bill got reelected after his and I’m still afraid Hillary will get elected even with this.

    All politicians lie and do shady crap and we pretty much expect it … but it feels more and more like the Clintons are taking Obama corruption to the next level. AKA Banana Republic (not the store) level.

  5. Never underestimate the Republican ability to snatch defeat out of the jaws of victory!

      1. I perhaps misworded myself – much ado, little effect. This isn’t going to change anyone’s minds; though I suppose it’s going to get clicks for any number of Social Alphas.

        (If I’m wrong, and it does matter, I will be disappointed that Hillary’s candidacy didn’t go down earlier; but I won’t be disappointed that Hillary doesn’t become president).

        I mean, as a (minor) co-author do you really think I’m pro-Hillary?

  6. I really hope that this causes Hillary to go down, and keep her out of the White House…and, at the same time, I hope that Trump doesn’t catch up as well.

    Of course, that means that a third party candidate would have to win somehow. In normal circumstances, I’d say that would be impossible…but hey, this is 2016. At this point, I’m convinced that anything can happen…

    1. Well, both the major-party candidates have major baggage; they could be separately sunk by them, leaving the field to Stein, Johnson, and that guy in Utah.

      Stranger things have happened, but not often

      1. Actually, no. Nothing that strange has ever happened in western politics. Nobody in a competitive race has gone from single-digit to “winner” in a week.

        If you vote third-party, you are a protest vote against the system. I can respect that.

        Just know that under no circumstance will that candidate actually take office.

        1. Trump’s candidacy is the result of protest votes against the system, from a certain point of view.

          I was presuming a complete destruction of both candidates by their baggage. Something along the lines of the release of medical records that doomed that one Democratic candidate back in late 60s; only both happen to have it happen.

  7. The NYPD news about what they have seen on that laptop looks like it should do major damage to Hillary&Co. They seem to expect to actually toss her and others involved into prison. Wow!

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