9 thoughts on “Mayor Carlos Danger?”

  1. he may be a dog, but I don’t think he’s this stupid. I think this is more likely recycled from the last scandal cycle (him, but years old), completely invented for political and money-making purposes, or someone impersonating him for the thrill…

  2. I hope he wins the election and becomes mayor. Partly because he’s better than Christie “Hoodies On For Trayvon” Quinn, but mainly because this scum-infested City that I call my home doesn’t deserve anyone better.

    Weiner-Spitzer ’13!

  3. His opponent has a golden opportunity.
    All he has to do is tell NYC what they would pay out if he does (shows) his thing on a CITY computer or account.
    It would be millions just for starters. (esp. if its to another city worker)
    It’s only a matter of time, he has no control over his urges.
    ‘Course the NYC voters seem to love incompetent, overbearing, libtard losers so there ya go…much like DC that crowd.

  4. He’s refusing to pull out. Huma wants him in there. He’s going to keep pounding away at winning the office. But, if he does pull out, I want him to fully resign. None of this teasing. No in..out..in…out stuff. Either stay or go. Personally, I think that he’s in too deep to pull out now. He’s already exposed, so what does he have to lose? Dignity? Nope, not even that. He’s naked to the voters. What they see is what they get…or will get. At least there’s no false advertising on what will happen to the voters like it just like every other time. He has the tool….s to get ahead in the city. He’ll make it big in way rarely seen in public office.

    Of course, the Democrats WANT him to win. Anyone this damaged is a perfectly manipulable tool.

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