More on Audio Forensics

The former defense attorney over at Crayfisher isn’t impressed either, and a commenter at another blog noticed this:

Golly, the Easy Voice Biometrics software has only been available since March 7. And the webpage that it is sold on is registered to:
Owen Forensic Services, LLC
Administrative Contact:
Owen, Thomas
Owen Forensic Services, LLC

He has managed to get a lot of free publicity for his new software product with this story!!

Sure has. Plus some other audio analysis folks over at another blog suggest that the conditions aren’t correct for a good analysis. Once again, the real world is not CSI.

4 thoughts on “More on Audio Forensics”

  1. I’m at the point now where I’m looking forward to Zimmerman either not being charged with anything, or being found not guilty if he is charged, just because of a morbid curiosity as to how bad the riots will be across the nation.

    1. I think you’ll likely get to see your morbid curiosity satisfied. At this point, I’m convinced Zimmerman will either get a no-bill, an aquittal, or at least a hung jury, based on everything I’ve seen so far. Since we’re talking about a court of law, though, anything can happen–indeed, the evidence is just murky enough that, even though I’ll be surprised if Zimmerman is convicted of anything, it will only be mild surprise.

      I’m just amazed at how much both the “innocent Martin” and “devil Zimmerman” stories melted away, being exposed as complete media distortions.

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