Enhanced Preemption Passes Senate

Passed by a 30-19 vote. Unfortunately, that’s not a veto-proof majority. It takes 33 votes to override a veto, and it’s hard to see which votes there could be switched. NRA is asking folks to reach out to their State Reps to try to get this passed in the House. It’s worth at least sending to Wolf and making him take a position on it, which unlike Republicans in Congress, PA GOP lawmakers have shown a willingness to do.

2 thoughts on “Enhanced Preemption Passes Senate”

  1. Definitely wished it would have been veto proof, but at least they are moving on it.

    Could they have done this when we had a Republican governor? No of course not!

  2. Great. I see that Tom Killion voted against the preemption bill. The republican party in Delaware county is a joke. They’re no different from the Dems. I’m voting for Trump and Rafferty for attorney general. The rest ( toomey, meehan, killion, Rodgers morissette) will have to do without my vote. I’m voting third party where available or skipping it all together. I’m boycotting the Delco republican party until they start to protect my 2A rights.

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