Phyllis Schlafly’s College Job

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Phyllis Schlafly died today at age 92. I have to say that I was perhaps most amused by the description in this obituary of Schlafly’s job to pay her college tuition:

Mrs. Schlafly paid her way through Washington University working at what was described as the world’s largest ammunition plant, the old Small Arms Plant at Goodfellow and Natural Bridge.

She tested .30 and .50 caliber ammunition and worked nights photographing tracer bullets in flight and inspecting misfires.

She was the fifth generation of her family to attend Washington University and earned her political science degree in 1944 with honors, in just three years.

That’s definitely a highlight to any college career!

Like most people in the conservative movement, there were times when I disagreed with her and other times when I was in absolute agreement. I’m definitely going to have to dig through the DAR archives to pull anything she may have submitted to the national magazine when she was a national committee chairman. I admit that I’m also curious to look up some of her mainstream media columns to see if she ever mentioned my dad’s first divorce case in her writings against the ERA. It did make national headlines because of the bias of a state law against men. (The state law was passed unanimously in advance of presumed passage of the ERA.)

18 thoughts on “Phyllis Schlafly’s College Job”

  1. So, Satan’s called another one home?

    Regarding any points of agreement with the old bag, I’ll dispense with the stopped clocked metaphor and say “Even a hateful old bitch can be right a couple times in the second half of a century.”

    1. You’re welcome to be angry and spiteful. It probably feels better than what I feel.
      Because I’ve been noticing all the 80’s bigoted bible-bashing conservatives’ ridiculous prophecies have been coming true lately, and it’s making me very nervous.

      Was she right about me, too?

      1. There is such a thing as self-fulfilling prophecy, and prophets have been known to work at making their prophecies come true.

    2. Wow. Stay classy. For a moment I thought I was reading the comments from Salon or HuffPo. You belong in a place where blood dancing is regarded as proper sport.

    3. I didn’t necessarily agree with her all the time, but that does not set her apart from any other conservative (or any other liberal, or anyone else for that matter). Ted Cruz didn’t get along well with her, though, which certainly counts as a point strongly in Mrs. Schlafly’s favor in my book.

      1. Yeah because Ted Cruz is so evil with his Constitutional Conservatism.

    4. Sorry folks, I just figure if political correctness has now become verboten, that cuts in all directions. I’ll call a hateful old bitch by her right name.

  2. I think Ann Coulter’s remembrance of Phyllis Schlafly summarizes her life the best.

    From the comments…

    “… Schlafly was one of the only people — on EITHER side of the ERA debate — to recognize that the proposed amendment had 3 clauses, not just 1. The 2nd would have turned about 70% of the laws from the states to the federal gov’t. I can’t for the life of me see how such a massive transfer of power constitutes a “women’s” cause. Everything relating to gender would have to meet a federal standard.
    Schlafly was truly unique.”

    1. I was wondering if the fact she worked in an ammo factory was supposed to imply something good about her? It actually is a totally factoid, especially for the WWII era.

        1. It’s a totally AWESOME factoid. And why are you still here? And did you “name” yourself after the murderous leftist terrorist group the Weathermen?

      1. I highly doubt you have contributed much to speak of as relates to coalition building as she has. What is your problem?

        1. “I highly doubt you have contributed much to speak of as relates to coalition building as she has.”

          If my single-issue requires me to make coalitions with hate-mongers, sorry, I just have to drop out of the game. I have observed that their issues seem to gain more than mine ever does.

          Hitler and the Nazis would not have come to power if it hadn’t been for other parties (e.g., the Centre Party) forming a coalition with them in the Reichstag, because the Nazis promised them their own narrow interests would gain from it.

          They didn’t.

          1. Hate mongering like? Posting what you have about someone’s death?

          2. Centre Party

            In the end, the Centre voted as planned in favour of [Hitler’s] Enabling Act, as did all the other parties apart from the SPD, which was also the only party to speak against the act. The support of the Centre party proved to be decisive and the act was passed on 23 March 1933.

            The end of the Centre Party

            With the passing of the Enabling Act the Centre Party had set in motion its own demise. . .

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