No Injuries – Except a Car

It seems that 10% of the Nosler ammunition plant was leveled in an explosion yesterday afternoon. All 100 employees were evacuated and are just fine, with the only outside loss being a worker’s car that was buried in rubble.

Witnesses said work was under way in the ballistics tunnel, a testing area for ammunition, when there was a flash, followed by an explosion, the television station reported.

Barb Gonzalez, who lives near the plant, said the blast was like “feeling a bomb inside your house.” Gonzalez said she saw dense plumes of orange smoke above the plant.

So, I guess that load was a little hotter than they expected. (via Outdoor Pressroom)

3 thoughts on “No Injuries – Except a Car”

  1. Whatever caliber it was, if it was for a handgun John Ross will want Smith to chamber an X-Frame for it and if it was for a rifle it will have “JDJ” in the name.


  2. My wild, speculative guess is that the “ballistics tunnel” may have accumulated a little bit of unburned propellant during a multitude of ammunition development tests – just a kernel here and there…
    If you roll your own ammunition, keep your work area clean and sweep up after yourself!

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