More on Giffords/Kelly Election Consequences

It does look like there may be some election-related consequences for Democrats targeted by Mark Kelly and Gabby Giffords. They just aren’t the kinds of consequences Kelly is hoping for these days.

It looks like the only impact they may have for the North Dakota stop of their gun control tour is to drive the Democrats about 200 miles out town to avoid the anti-gun event.

7 thoughts on “More on Giffords/Kelly Election Consequences”

  1. After voting against the background check bill Heidi told the press she represents North Dakotans, not out of state interests. North Dakotans told Heidi they opposed the bill by a 7 to 1 margin. Skipping the Gifford event tells me she continues to support our rights.

  2. I read the local commie pinko (I love my dad’s turn of phrase) rag and top tv news website online daily and today’s report that they are here was the first I heard they were going to be here.

    I have a feeling the Gifford’s travels will turn out to resemble the latter part of Evita’s Rainbow Tour.

  3. Not surprised. I was there for three years and people that live there are very independent.

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