We Have to Reverse This

College rifle and pistol teams are coming under fire in the current fascist PC conformity that’s the current vogue in academia. What colleges and universities are doing is banning the groups from taking funding from NSSF and NRA to support their programs. The kids today are open to the shooting sports, because they don’t come with a whole lot of preconceived prejudices towards things. If we can get them hooked on shooting, it’ll be something they care about, and that will translate into something they vote on.

5 thoughts on “We Have to Reverse This”

  1. On what ground to they ban funding by the NRA or NSSF?

    Is there ground for a lawsuit?

    Living across the pond, I have no idea who all those clubs are (supposed to be) funded.

    1. The university can deny the team sanction. There are some students who have formed teams outside of official sanction, and the university can’t affect those, but it’s good to have sanction, because that usually comes with funding and promotion from the university as well.

      Now public universities probably can’t discriminate against shooting teams constitutionally because of the Second Amendment, but that has yet to be litigated, and it would be a long shot with the hostility of today’s courts.

  2. The good news is that Michael Bloomberg is dedicated to using his massive wealth to promote “gun safety”. Somebody ought to give him a call. He could fund these programs alone for decades.


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