Mass Shooting in Germany

Several dead and 10 injured.” There’s no details yet on whether this is ISIS or not, and early reports are often completely wrong. Given that this apparently involves three gunmen, I’d say an ISIS inspired attack seems more likely than deranged nut job. Funny how ISIS doesn’t seem to have any issues getting guns in Europe, despite strict gun laws. Yet who do they want to disarm here? You and me.

UPDATE: One shooter, and looks like he offed himself.

9 thoughts on “Mass Shooting in Germany”

  1. Methinks the Wahhabi mosques operate as a network with extra curricular activities. Given the Europeans’ fear of offending people with language, I’m sure that they don’t inspect mosques very often. Easy flaw to exploit.

    1. Lots of Mosques do. Even here in the States. Many of my Muslim friends in Knoxville refused to go to the Sunni Mosque in town because of its insanity.

      A non-Muslim friend accepted an invitation to visit once and noticed that an animated conversation stopped and never restarted when he entered.

  2. But President Obama said that Trump is wrong and crime is decreasing here. Which is why we need strict gun control laws to combat the massive increase in crime. Because if we had strict gun control laws like Germany, no shootings would occur. And due to the shooting in Germany, we need to expand our gun control laws. Because NRA.

  3. The last I heard it may be some Hitler loving radicals. A report was made that one of the killers yelled something about foreigners.

  4. I used to think these events would shut up Obama and his “this doesn’t happen in other counties” bit. But then he said that a month after Paris… while in Paris…

  5. This is a 17 year old kid who was able to acquire, not some old Sov gun from the Balkans, but a Glock 17 with the ser # defaced. If a “bullied teen loner”, that is, a kid without a network of contacts, in -Germany- can get a gun most American gangbangers can’t reliably source then to say Germany’s gun laws are at all effective is just asinine.

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