Gun Possession in Iraq

Bill of Rights

Clayton Cramer notes that reports out of Iraq show that the ISIS leaders have declared new rules for those in area they control that include a gun ban for anyone not in their ranks. It’s interesting how that also comes along with a ban on any public gathering not organized by ISIS as well.

It’s almost like those people who use the bumper sticker phrase that their Second Amendment right protects the First Amendment rights of others might possibly be on to something about the importance of both rights.

5 thoughts on “Gun Possession in Iraq”

  1. ISTR that during the occupation, Iraqis were allowed to own fully automatic AKs.

    1. I think that’s correct. I remember being disappointed hearing that American soldiers were disarming Iraqi citizens, but my faith in our efforts was restored when I learned that each family was allowed to keep two AK-47s…

  2. The Iraqis were completely disarmed by Obama, because when the USA left, they took amunition with them. Guns without ammo = certain death. It’s a shame that the world does not heed the lessons of the past. A well armed population can protect itslf against marauders, like ISIS, yet, right now, as about 25,000 “children” are being beheaded and crucified, Obama REFUSES to give the Kurds ammo, which is what they desperately need to fight.

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