Budget Deal Missing Key ATF Controls

Joshua Prince notes that the new budget, awaiting signature by the White House, is missing key provisions that prevent ATF from abusing law-abiding gun owners:

In HR 2112, the restrictions included: 1. the funding of any “consolidating or centralizing, within the Department of Justice, the records, or any portion thereof, of acquisition and disposition of firearms maintained by Federal firearms licensees” (see page 58 of the Bill); 2. the appropriated funds to be utilized to “promulgate or implement any rule requiring a physical inventory of any business licensed under section 923 of title 18, United States Code” (see page 59 of the Bill); 3. “[N]o funds authorized or made available under this or any other Act may be used to deny any application for a license under section 923 of title 18, United States Code, or renewal of such a license due to a lack of business activity, provided that the applicant is otherwise eligible to receive such a license, and is eligible to report business income or to claim an income tax deduction for business expenses under the Internal Revenue Code of 1986″ (see, id.); and 4. “no funds appropriated herein shall be used to pay administrative expenses or the compensation of any officer or employee of the United States to implement an amendment or amendments to 27 CFR 478.118 or to change the definition of ‘Curios or relics’ in 27 CFR 478.11 or remove any item from ATF Publication 5300.11 as it existed on January 1, 1994″ (see id.)

Read the whole thing. There’s a lot more. Someone has demanded these provisions be removed. Why? What is the Obama Administration and ATF planning to do with that huge warehouse full of 4473s that they’ve retrieved from dealers who have closed up shop? Who are their lackeys in Congress who are threatening to derail the budget deal if these provisions weren’t removed? This is very bad news. This is a strong indication the Obama Administration plans to compile a registry from the records in West Virginia.

Prince also notes that Administration is seeking the power to alter the definition of Curios and Relics, and on requiring FFLs to do physical inventories.

15 thoughts on “Budget Deal Missing Key ATF Controls”

  1. Just when I thought I couldn’t hate that slimey jug-eared bastard any more.

    If so it shouldn’t dampen anyone’s outrate… But wouldn’t the job of turning piles of 4473s into a usable registry be a massive and expensive task?

    If that is indeed the plan, what would their next step be?

  2. Need you ask? The intent is to find and secure all known “arsenals”. You don’t need more than a single firearm (pistol perhaps) to defend yourself. Perhaps a shotgun. Even then that will eventually go away. Thanks to NY and CN, the remaining registry is a little smaller. It will take some time, but I am sure OFA will provide paid help. OCR programs are good enough to make the job manageable.

    This does not bode well…

  3. Of course all the gun owners who voted for Obama and the rest of his ilk are still trying to tell us that he doesn’t really hate guns and doesn’t really hate the 2nd Amendment, and that it’s all Bush’s fault.

  4. What do you make of this statement on the part of Prince, however:

    The Report goes on to suggest that the exclusion of these provisions is not concerning, as the previous appropriations bill made them permanent law.

    Is that a correct reading? Would it stand up in court, where it would inevitably end up should the admin choose to push the envelope even more?

  5. UGH. Why can’t we include language here overturning Hughes?

    And why does Congress continue to ban the ATF from restoring rights?

    That C&R language is very worrisome. I wonder if that has to do with the AR-15 entering Relic status.

    1. Why can’t we include language here overturning Hughes?

      I think most of Congress would have a stroke over that. Can you imagine how CNN, MSNBC, etc would cover MACHINE GUNS!!11!1! OMGWTFBBQ!!!1!!ONE!!!.

    2. I think you might be on to something. Yes the early AR-15s are almost 50 years old now. Of course how many can be traced to the current owner? Oh Hell Son, I sold that thing over 30 years ago. No I sure don’t remember who I sold it to. I like I said that was over 30 years ago.

  6. The GOP can sell gun owners down the river all they want. Where are gun owners going to turn to? The Democrats? I imagine that’s also why they’re so determined to grant amnesty to 11 million illegals [who will likely become faithful Democrat voters].

    When the midterms come, remember to vote for anyone with an R after their name, because.. this is the most important election EVAR.

    Same goes for 2016.

  7. I don’t buy the hype, yet.

    I think by now we would have heard from the likes of Steve Stockman naming names. Congressional GOP has been eerily quiet here.

    Plus, isn’t NICS up for reauthorization sometime? Why not wait until then?

    1. I also see an end date of September 30, 2014 for this budget resolution.

  8. I remember the NRA getting out the vote for Harry Reid because he was good on guns; this was when he was beatable too.

    1. The NRA backed Reid over the “R” challenger because Reid got some tax dollars to build a pistol range in NV.

      Also, if Reid had lost, the NRA would be facing the spectre of “Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer.” How up-Chucky would have been worse than Reid was not explained.

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