The World Turned Upside Down

An attack in Nice, South of France. Looks like dozens dead. Plowed a truck through a Bastille Day crowd. There are reports of gunfire, but that could be police trying to shoot the driver. Early reports are almost always wrong in some way. This will no doubt bolster Trump and Marine LePen.

God help us all. This will not end well.

22 thoughts on “The World Turned Upside Down”

  1. It’s disgusting that the political consequences are the only thing anyone will remember about this.
    “X hundred dead: does this help TRUMP OR CLINTON??!”

      1. “one dead archduke lead to a World War.”

        Only because everyone was already itching for one, and England, France, and Russia had been laying tripwires to make one inevitable, ever since about 1905.

        Read Albert J. Nock’s “Myth of the Guilty Nation” from c. 1922. Its historical analysis is disputed, but the historical facts are things it seems we as Americans and British allies are generally led away from.

        Watch for analogous situations, today.

    1. Well you know the same people that were trying the old “Let’s treat guns like cars!” As a way to get registration and mandatory insurance.

      Will now fall upon themselves about how “Cars are different!”

      Car in this case being used as the generic term for “vehicle”

  2. We may start seeing the various body-count leader-board followin’ knobs start to seriously look at vans and trucks.

    In the right crowd conditions and with the right torque and starting velocity…

    (On a similar note: arson. Especially if the fire exits are/were tampered with)

  3. Okay, I know it’s pronounced like “niece”, but seeing the phrase “Nice terror attack” in print looks weird. I imagine ISIS guys high-fiving in the background.

  4. In a later report the police EXCHANGED gunfire with the suspect. The suspect is dead. He also had grenades in the truck but didn’t get to use them.

  5. “God help us all. This will not end well.”

    Ignoring it has not helped either.

  6. There will be no change in policy. Only little people who don’t matter were killed. The ruling elite made up their minds on immigration a long time ago, so for them it’s just a matter of continuing to dig in their heels and refusing to change their minds. They will continue to laugh and party their time away, as if nothing happened, because as far as they are concerned, nothing happened.

  7. This will not end at all – not for a long time and many more dead. This is the new norm.

  8. I’ll have to agree with Steve Sailer on this:

    “When we get in each other’s faces, we get on each other’s nerves. It’s time to get out of each other’s faces. Westerners and Muslims don’t agree on the basics of social order and don’t want to live under the same rules. That shouldn’t be a problem because that’s what separate countries are for. We should stop occupying their countries and stop letting them move to ours.”

    Maybe it’s about time someone like Le Pen rises to power…..

    1. I can only agree with this to an extent. The notion that if we just get out of the Middle East we will be left alone is flawed. This argument could have be made for groups like Hamas, Al-Qaeda, etc., but ISIS is a different beast altogether. They are not resigned to simply expelling the infidels…they are open in their primary goal of establishing a global caliphate.

      Will they succeed? IMO no, mainly because they are so brutal in their tactics and occupation that they’re not scaleable. But assuming they could, and do establish a caliphate across the region, does anyone honestly believe they would stop? They would love nothing more than to raise their banners over western European capitals if they could. They will not leave us alone.

  9. How many more people will die? How much more blood will be spilled until we DO SOMETHING!?!?

    We need to ban these assault trucks with high capacity loads! We need to get these trucks of war off our streets!


    1. It’s time to treat cars like guns:

      – Have to pass a Federal background check to make sure you’re not a felon, have crimes of violence or DUIs in your past before you can buy a car.
      – One car a year laws to prevent you from amassing a garage of cars.
      – You must have “safe storage” for your car. A garage or some way to chain your car to something so it can’t be stolen or misused. We cannot allow unsecured cars to be “on the street”. If you car is stolen because it wasn’t safely stored or secured, you are liable for whatever is done with it.
      – Have to have a 3 day “road rage” cooling off period to prevent you from engaging in brash actions on the road with your car.
      – Fuel capacity is limited to 10 gallons to prevent you from driving long distances and endanger others due to fatigue or desire to drive into crowds. Constant refueling and logging of your gasoline purchases will help us track down would-be vehicular homicide threats.
      – Everyone must have State approved licensing that each State can decide on its own because traffic laws in Montana are different than those in New York City.
      – States can decide whether or not to honor your driver’s license in their borders. Some states will have driver’s license reciprocity. Others will require you to have a licensed issued by that State for you to drive in it. Some States are so strict they won’t allow non-residents to get licenses in their state at all so you’ll have to have a friend drive you around or take taxis.
      – All cars must be registered to make sure we can know who owns these dangerous machines.
      – No one under 18 can buy a sports car or tricked out vehicle, only sedate sedans. But they can use other people’s cars but not on public roads.
      – Only people over 21 with insurance can operate on public roads and must have enough insurance to pay for 100 injuries per car.
      – States can ban certain high-performance features on cars and having any of them where they are banned is a felony and you’ll lose your car owning and use privileges for life.
      – If car laws change, you’ll be required to turn in, modify or destroy your now-illegal car at your own expense for the good of society.
      – Cars can only be painted in non-dangerous colors like white, green, yellow and blue. No threatening grey, red or black cars are these are more dangerous and the preferred vehicles of speeders and other law-breakers.

      1. Horsepower limits too! Nobody needs a 600hp car, which is why we should ban all cars over 200hp.

  10. This attacks illustrate that gun control is a chimera. It would do nothing to prevent these actions. Only an alert populace can reduce these fatalities or a terror war on the communities these attackers come from Since we have no stomach for that, they will continue.

    However when Bush had fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan these type of attacks did not happen so much since we had those people on the run.

  11. Joe Huffman, among others, have pointed out that guns are far from the most effective way to kill lots of people. He doesn’t like discussing how (he doesn’t want to give terrorists ideas), but it seems that this terrorist has found one of those ways.

    While I agree that not discussing such things might be wise, it also doesn’t take much imagination to think of such ways…

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