Weekly Gun News – Edition 43


Again, hate to start off the week with a links post, but it’ll be a long week. Went to the Doctor for the migraines and they found out my blood pressure was through the roof. They are trying anti-hypertensive drugs to bring things down, and I’m trying to be patient and not panic about it. Doesn’t help that I’m pretty severely medical phobic, as in takes every bit of my willpower not to run out of there screaming. Even with home checking, the cuff freaks me the hell out and the thing reads all over the place. I think the protocol will probably be to medicate me with anti-hypertensives until I start passing out :) I seem to be pretty tolerant of the beta-blocker I started taking Friday, but it also isn’t dropping it a whole lot (it’s about a 40% of max dose for my weight). But enough about that, here’s the news:

France is looking for some good guys with guns.

The Nation: “The NRA’s “insurgency theory” fantasy rests on the idea that “patriots” will rise up in unison against government tyranny. But the reality is that firearms have never been a bulwark against tyranny; we’ve maintained a Constitutional government for 230 years because of the separation of powers – because the Framers divided power between co-equal branches of government that serve as checks on any branch gaining absolute power.” Good thing no one is doing everything they can do undermine separation of powers.

Bloomberg seems to be rallying top generals and veterans to push gun control. I don’t for a minute believe these are independent efforts.

Reason: “If you like the war on drugs, you’ll love the war on guns!

Al Sharpton asks if the Second Amendment is for whites only. I don’t know anyone in the RKBA movement who believes that.

Why 2016 Could Be a Turning Point on Guns. To be honest, it could be.

Dems vow to keep heat on GOP over gun control. They think it’s a winning issue, and if they keep winning, they will be right.

Congressional staffers refuse “gun free zone” signs in front of their houses. I’ve never really thought this was much of a gotcha, to be honest. I wouldn’t put a “This home is well-armed” sign in front of my house either.

Gavin Newsmen is a piece of garbage, but he’s also likely to be the next Governor of California.

Obama can’t lay off the gun control talk, even at a funeral. Classy.

Non Gun:

Truck attack!

The 9th Circuit has ruled it’s now a crime to visit someone’s web site if they don’t want you to. No worries here. Everyone is welcome.

I thought this was a good read: “When and Why Nationalism Beats Globalism

This is actually worthwhile legislation if the Republicans are serious about pushing it: “It’s time to dismantle the ‘fourth branch’

How Obama Left us More Racially Divided Than Ever.


14 thoughts on “Weekly Gun News – Edition 43”

  1. Low carb will knock down the BP quickly – as long as you titrate carbs to limit BP. Not easy. Good luck.

  2. I agree that 2016 could either completely discredit the gun grabbers, or vindicate them. I for one am worried about Kasich’s refusal to ban open carry at the RNC. While this might be constitutional, I am worried that any confrontation between open carry proponents and the New Black Panther Party, which also vows to carry long guns openly during their attempts to disrupt the convention, will be blown up by the Dem propaganda machine to make it appear as if a bunch of mean ol’ racist white guys were oppressing the Dindonutin family. Come see the violence inherent in the system! Help! I’m being oppressed!

  3. “The NRA’s “insurgency theory” fantasy rests on the idea that “patriots” will rise up in unison against government tyranny”

    I grow so weary of these straw men.

    No, it rests merely on the idea that people are equal to government employees. It is another one of those checks and balances. “Separation of powers” means that some power rests with people. As a deterrent, it does not require anything more than a willingness to use the power.

    People really do not get the concept of deterrence. Having a bazooka does not cause war. The fact that I have a bazooka and am crazy enough to use it in self defense makes it far far less likely people will challenge me. It also makes it less, not more, likely that we will need to use the bazooka.

  4. The guy at The Nation needs to tell us one article of the constitution that is not being violated right now. Name one. The rule of law is dead.

    Illegal to visit a web site. Um, inbound http requests enabled is not the same as an unlocked door. There is only ONE WAY to secure your data. Never connect to the network, any network, ever. Asking gov judges about technology is like asking a mountain lion about frying pans, sometimes, getting hot. Answer; move again and I’ll devour you.

  5. I assume that Bloomberg’s generals are the same ones responsible for disarming our service people.

  6. Ever consider getting a manual sphygmomanometer? You can palpate your BP without a stethoscope.

    Also, if you buy the nurses uniform –wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more?– that could help lower the ‘ole diastolic. That’s good! Eh? That’s good!

    Maybe some traction splints? I didn’t say the word bondage, but a nod’s as good as a wink to a blind bat! Eh?

    1. It’s proven that looking at breasts (not Chicken!) lowers BP. Try it! “Boob Therapy”

      1. “It’s proven that looking at breasts (not Chicken!) lowers BP.”

        I have also found they are wonderful analgesics. Twice, while having root canal, I experienced that having a breast poked in my ear made me forget pain that had me cringing only seconds before.

  7. Around the beginning of the year my BP suddenly spiked so high that I was almost put into the hospital — was told that a few years earlier they would have for my numbers. Immediately went to beta blockers and hctz but it still ran a little high.

    For weight loss I went to a Low Carb/High Fat (LCHF) diet and have lost a lot of weight, and I’m now just on the one hctz pill. Hopefully I’ll be off that soon.

    I’m not saying it was low carb that did it, but losing weight and starting to hit the gym semi-regularly certainly had an effect. Weight loss has been great. Hit me up on FB if you are interested in any resources.

    1. Worst part is people think you’re crazy. Cuts off circulation of my arm. My panic level spikes as soon as that thing starts getting tight, and then I get more amped up the tighter it gets. Makes me think I wouldn’t deal with a tourniquet all that well, but bleeding to death seems like a worse alternative :)

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