ANRPC Looking for Gun Permit Rationing

It’s a little known provision of New Jersey’s one-gun-a-month law that it doesn’t apparently allow the police to ration purchase permits; according to New Jersey law, you can still apply for as many purchase permits as you want, you just may not use them to buy more than one gun in a month time period. This was a key element of ANJRPC’s lawsuit. Nonetheless, there are reports that police departments are rationing permits anyway, and now ANJRPC is looking for some help:

We are looking for anyone who has applied for more than one permit to purchase a handgun and has been told by their police department that they may only apply for one permit per month.

Please contact us immediately to let us know. Email to defendfreedom at earthlink dot net

So if you know someone, or are someone over in Jersey, who this applies to, be sure to contact ANJRPC. I suspect they are looking for some cases to bolster their lawsuit.

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