Terror Attack in Florida

Last report I saw was more than 50 dead. Being that this is unambiguously a terrorist attack, we’re probably not going to suffer being blamed the same as after Sandy Hook. People view terrorism differently than random attacks. It would appear the shooter was a “known wolf,” and had previously been under FBI investigation. Early on I was wondering why the police took so long to go in. After Columbine, the doctrine stopped being “wait for the SWAT guys to show up.” It appears in this case he may have been wearing a suicide vest or facsimile.

Meanwhile, in LA, “terrorist,” or “careful when you leave America?” Indiana plates with a trunk full of guns and tannerite? Sounds like the latter to me.

We will undoubtedly fall under attack and get the finger pointed at us for this. The media is already doing it. The obvious threat coming is the “terror watch list” bill, because it would be most relevant to this case. Make no mistake, they will attempt to blame us for this and get whatever they think they can get, but “terror watch list” is the obvious line of attack. Remember, the courts don’t think this is a right, and will likely ignore the serious due process issues with denying people fundamental constitutional rights based on being on a secret government list. We’ll have to fight. Don’t depend on the courts to save us here.

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  1. Sigh it sucks that this happened. First off, for the people who were killed, yet again in a gun free zone. Second, because we have to defend ourselves because of what other people do.

    I think you are right. Its terrorism, so its not as bad. People will be angry, but it will fade. The only thing is this will again raise the specter of the terrorist watch list and guns.

  2. Leave it to the L.A. Times to jump to the most hysterical conclusions when it comes to gun owners. Time will tell what the truth is. Odds are the poor sap from Indiana was just a gay gunner who wanted to join the partying. But now he will get a lesson in Blue State justice as the SJW tear him to pieces.

    Too many Red Staters don’t understand how bad it can be in Blue States. They have lived too long in a safe place among fellow citizens who respect their rights, and don’t know the depths of insanity that lurks outside their State line.

    1. It sounds like the poor guy just didn’t think to clean out his car before leaving on a road trip. Check pretty much any car in that part of Indiana and you’ll find all sorts of things that would make the Blue Staters pee their panties.

  3. The administration and anti-rights activists will spin this as a hate crime against the LGBTQxyz people. By doing so, they can continue to rail against gun owners and ‘automatic weapons’ without having to delve deeply into the Islamic terror angle. The left will tell you not to judge all Muslims by the acts of a few, but they sure have no trouble judging all of us by the acts of a terrorist!!

  4. I guess there wasn’t time for them to blame WHITE MALE CISHETS before the truth came out, huh?

    What a stupid nightmare. There’s probably going to be important roles for gay gun-owners in the coming fight, but I just want to get back in the closet with my rifle and a colander on my head.

  5. This is the biggest kill # from a mass shooting yet. There are lessons Killen TX is next highest kill rate and the result was conceal carry in TX. VT is the next highest. The result is Students for Conceal Carry This year they had some notable successes.
    What will be the real result from this? Not what the gun control people think.

    The lead spoke person for pink Pistol Suggest that where it is allowed to carry in a establishment that serves alcohol should have a designated defender.
    So will the result is more changes that allow people to carry in places hat have drinking? Might be. We need to have the targets armed.

  6. The FBI was very early saying it was an Act of Terror at 7 30 AM . That meant they preempted the WH narrative of guns, white nationalist ( Trump supporters) or Christians. The FBi is pissed at the WH.

  7. Is the cause of mass shootings guns or immigration? It doesn’t seem to be a “White Male” issue either.

    2016 – Orlando (Florida) shooting of 100+ 50+dead – Afghan-American male
    2016 – High Point HS (Maryland) shooting of three – Asian male.
    2015 – Inland Regional Center, San Bernardino (California) shooting of 14 – Middle-eastern male & Middle-eastern female immigrant.
    2015 – Umpqua (Oregon) Community College shooting of nine – half-Black male immigrant.
    2015 – Chattanooga (Tennessee) shootings of five military men – Kuwaiti male immigrant.
    2014 – Santa Barbara (California) college shooting of six – half-Asian male immigrant.
    2013 – Washington Navy Yard shooting 12 killed – African-American male
    2013 – Boston (Massachusetts) Marathon bombing – two Chechen male immigrants.
    2012 – Three shot in Miami (Florida) – Haitian male immigrant.
    2012 – Oikos University (California) shooting of seven – Korean male immigrant.
    2011 – Carson City (Nevada) IHOP killing of four Americans – Mexican male immigrant.
    2010 – Hartford Distributors (Connecticut) shooting of eight – African-American male
    2009 – Fort Hood (Texas) shooting, 13 killed – Middle-eastern male.
    2009 – Binghamton (New York) shooting of 13 people – Vietnamese male.
    2007 – Virginia Tech (Virginia) shooting killing 32 – Korean male immigrant.
    2007 – Salt Lake City (Utah) shopping mall, five people killed – Bosnian male immigrant.
    2003 – Windy City Core Supply warehouse Chicago (Illinois) in 2003, six killed – Mexican male immigrant.
    1993 – Long Island (New York) Railroad massacre, six dead – Jamaican male immigrant.
    1993 – 101 California Street (San Francisco) shootings of nine – Ethiopian male immigrant

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