Mumbles & Bloomy Post-Heller

Looks pretty much like the same agenda they had pre-Heller.  Just as a warning to gun owners, everything except the terrorist watch list that they propose probably would be upheld by the courts.  And even the terrorist watch list issue I’m not sure about.  There’s still a fight to be had.

4 Responses to “Mumbles & Bloomy Post-Heller”

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    And they still talk about “Assault Weapons” and “High Capacity Clips”

    They’re just pretending they didn’t hear the ruling, and pressing on.

  2. RedneckInNY says:

    Fucking socialist pigs.

  3. JJR says:

    Just Pigs will do. I own an AR-15 and a WASR-10 and consider myself very much as socialist fine thank you.

  4. PN NJ says:

    Notice their latest phrase? “Close the terror gap”