Weekly Gun News – Edition 29


Is there enough gun news to fill a news post? Trump Mania is dominating the news cycle right now, so very little is being said on guns out there. But here goes:

Bearing Arms: It’s Cruz or the Second Amendment is dead. Plus part 2. I actually trust that Trump would be pretty good on the gun issue, in large part because his base is the white working class, who would never forgive him if he wasn’t. What I don’t trust him to do is pick the right Supreme Court justices.

The SHARE Act passes the House of Representatives. This deals with a number of hunting issues, and also increases the proportion money from P-R taxes on guns and ammo to go to public ranges.

You don’t say: “Bloomberg’s policy crusades could pose obstacles with voters.” I think he was only prepared to jump in the race if Sanders looked like he’d schlong Hillary. That’s starting to seem unlikely.

Why are anti-gun people so violent, Part MMXLIV

Safe storage laws only serve to punish grieving parents. Responsible people don’t need a law to coax them into being responsible, and irresponsible people aren’t going to be made responsible just because there’s a law. These laws are also unenforceable absent a police state, since they regulate what goes on in the home.

Progress on the right to keep and bear arms as an international human right.

Remember the creed of a number of anti-gunners: If it happens, that means it’s legal!

I didn’t even realize CPAC was going on. I’m out of shits to give for the DC conservative establishment.

Oh, I don’t know — try to pass it in the state’s most liberal city? “How to Pass Gun Control in the Sixth-Most-Gun-Owning State in America.” Missoula is preempted, so even if this passes, it’s likely not going anywhere. This is like getting excited that Austin is anti-gun.

Virginia Democrats, who just got out of having their asses handed to them on guns, decide to go for round two? They claim we’re paranoid for saying they want to take our guns, but they sure don’t want you to be able to buy them anywhere.

I have to agree with Joe Huffman, providing a tax credit to get firearms training is a great idea. It promotes the well-regulation of the militia. It’ll also expose the true motivations of our opponents.

Off topic:

Poll finds Sander and Clinton backers twice as racist as Rubio supporters.

I’ll second that “YEP”.