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A comment of mine on other Social Media corners of the Internet, even though I hate social media like a smoker who can’t quit really but ought to:

Seriously, if you had told me at the 2014 convention in Indianapolis├é┬áthat NRA would end up endorsing a dark horse candidate from Manhattan as their preferred candidate for President at the 2016 convention in Louisville (where he won that state), I’d have testified at your commitment hearing. But hey, it’s 2016, and we’re all crazies now.

It’s a mad, mad world.

5 thoughts on “More on the Trump Endorsement”

  1. Any reading as to the member reaction on the floor when the Trump endorsement was announced? The media seems to be portraying the Trump endorsement as one big love-in, as if NRA members are a cross between automatons and carnivorous sheep.

      1. I am curious, because I would think a good guess at gun owners’ opinions would be, that they would be close to self-identified Republican voters’ opinions; and Trump maintains a high level of disapproval among Republican voters, as I recall. I would be curious whether that was expressed by some of the members on the floor, etc.

        If there was some dissidence, I would have to retract my slightly snarky comment above.

        1. Keep in mind that anyone can buy tickets to that event, so Im not sure the floor reaction would be a good gauge of the membership.

        2. CNN has this up on YouTube, but of course we don’t know how many people they had to sample to find these levels of non-enthusiasm.

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