Carry at GOP Convention Was Never Going to Happen

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The media has been going nuts over the story that a petition is being circulated to allow carry at the GOP convention. This was in the realm of “never going to happen,” and the reason why has just revealed itself. Even at the NRA Annual Meeting, where despite media lies you can actually carry, when the Secret Service comes to a venue with a candidate under their protection, there’s no carry and there’s security checkpoints at the entrance to the venue. You’ll almost certainly see that at work in Louisville this year.

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  1. Couldn’t candidates decline SS presence thus eliminating the issue. I suppose all of them would have to do it, though.

  2. I’m as pro 2A as they come (I still believe that the 2A alone should count as a CHL and that school children should be allowed to buy MP5s from vending machines on school property). But I’m glad they’re not allowing carry at the convention as we already know that #BLM, Black Bloc and other Marxist agitators plan on showing up and doing something disruptive … a mass murder done by one of them inside at the convention would not do our side any good.

    1. That’s some pretty impressive intellectual dishonesty there: The biggest argument against gun-free zones is the demonstrable fact that they disarm only the law-abiding — in other words, only those not generally inclined to commit murder.

      You’re basically saying “I don’t think gun-free zones work, and I don’t think laws restricting arms work, but the SS should be able to arbitrarily prohibit firearms from political events.”

      While this particular petition was largely a political move by leftists, that doesn’t change the fact that it is a serious issue.

      1. I’ve written about this subject before. The Secret Service fails on storage, but I think if they ran a gun check at their security screens there ought not be any constitutional problem with it. There’s nothing I’m going to be able to do in a SS protected venue they aren’t going to be better equipped to handle.

        1. There’s nothing I’m going to be able to do in a SS protected venue they aren’t going to be better equipped to handle.

          Ummm, how about protecting you??? That’s fairly far outside their brief.

          1. Precisely this — the job of the Secret Service is to protect specific individuals; Unless you are on their list, they’re not there to protect you. If it serves their ends to throw you under the bus, you’d better believe that they will.

            If things go pear shaped at an event where the SS is involved, your personal protection is still your responsibility, and I don’t believe that they should have the right to arbitrarily separate you from your constitutional rights.

  3. I am sure there are plenty of attendees that would have liked to carry especially in Cleveland. But it was obvious that with Secret Service it would not happen. This is just an attempt to Alinksy rule make them forced to accept their own rules. Funny most GOP members have no problem with armed attendees.

    Gun banners think that like them pro gun people would not want to have armed people in their capital But that is not true in VA. or other state capitals

    1. In Texas, the security line at the state capitol building has an “express lane” for concealed carry holders. Show your license to carry and you waltz right through. Now if only the county governments would stop being wusses.

      1. I have it from a trusted source that the “express lane” is only for those with a Texas-issued CHL; Those with equivalent documents from other states are still eligible to have their rights respected, but the process isn’t quite as speedy.

  4. The USSS never allows concealed carry in any venue under their protection, for a very simple and obvious reason: They want to know everyone who is carrying, so if something happens they won’t accidentally shoot a good guy. That’s why they won’t even allow off-duty police to be armed in their protected venue, unless the copper is working with them on a protective detail.
    I read some speculation that the petition was a trolling attempt by an unspecified anti-Bill of Rights group, to see who would bite and so they could accuse the RNC of hypocrisy. Don’t know the truth of that, but if it is true, it worked.

  5. Yes, when I saw that petition I thought it was silly and never going to happen. I have been around some places where these exclusion zones are set up. Even when I was invited by the principle and known by his security staff. No carry for me.

  6. Keep in mind the probably 90 percent of the people pushing this were jackasses on the Left trying for the “Look how hypocritical those Rethuglikkkans are!” pose.

    1. Now that I think of it, perhaps we should start a counter-petition, stating in essence “Because guns are evil, and have no place in civilized society, the Democrat Convention should ban all people, including Security Guards and Secret Service members, from carrying guns, pepper spray, tasers, and other devices specifically made to harm fellow human beings.”

  7. I’m not opposed to private entities banning guns; I just expect those entities to take the responsibility of protecting the people they insist on being unarmed.

    If you think about it, conventions like this are going to have a lot of armed people about, trying to keep order; thus, I the requirement of the venue providing protection has been satisfied.

    1. “I’m not opposed to private entities banning guns; I just expect those entities to take the responsibility of protecting the people they insist on being unarmed.”

      Don’t forget about secure on-site storage for firearms — It /may/ be within the bounds of jurisprudence for them to restrict entry to certain venues to only those without firearms, but that shouldn’t mean that they get to dictate that attendees be forced to choose between leaving their guns in their car or not bringing a gun at all.

      If you’re going to prohibit me from carrying within a specific zone, then the law should make you responsible for providing for my personal security/safety, and it should make you responsible for providing a place to store my firearm while I am within your right(s) exclusion zone.

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