The Annual Pre-Convention Hate

It’s a yearly tradition: before NRA descends on any city, at least one of that city’s media outlets writes something insulting or degrading about NRA and/or it’s members. I guess it’s no surprise that the Louisville alt-weekly has to take a pot shot, who reminds our 70,000, most of which have never done anything worse than a traffic offense, that “guns keep the undertaker busy.” Not mine, toots. Of course, she’s not alone, the editor of the rag, who welcomes us with “Dear National Rifle Association: Really wish you’d just go away. Not just leave town. Disappear. Like evaporate.” How kind of you, sir. I’m bowled over by the open mindedness on display at the Louisville Eccentric Observer, who seem pretty conformist to me.

A local Louisville TV station informs the public that Mom’s Demand Action is planning to show Katie Couric’s vapid documentary “Under the Gun” at Spalding University. I guess they’ve given up on protests, since they never got much coverage, and they were usually pretty pathetically attended. That’s kind of disappointing. I like how the station doesn’t even get their name right, calling them “Mom’s Who Demand Action.” That sounds even more like a porno flick than their actual name, which still sounds pretty much like a porno flick.

UPDATE: Both Media Matters and RawStory smear Bob Owens, since is sponsoring the Leadership Forum this year.

6 Responses to “The Annual Pre-Convention Hate”

  1. Sigivald says:

    “Dear National Rifle Association: Really wish you’d just go away. Not just leave town. Disappear. Like evaporate.”

    So, in other words, “disband, most effective and possibly largest civil rights organization in America” – you’re doing too good a job for a civil liberty I want to abolish.

    I suspect the author considers him or herself a liberal, too.

    Just, you know, not those icky liberties the other likes.

  2. CarlosT says:

    If their name were Mom’s Who Demand Action, they also be Mom’s Who Failed English.

  3. Brad says:

    It’s a good reminder that our enemies are the modern representation of the KKK. Just a hate group trying to oppress an innocent group of people.

    Of course the moralistic tone and scientism that hate group dresses up its propaganda with also make them the modern representation of the anti-saloon league and the eugenics movement.

  4. Crotalus says:

    I have always said that “Moms demand action because they can’t get any at home.”

  5. The owner of that alternative rag is Aaron Yarmuth. If the name sounds familiar, it should. Daddy is the anti-gun US Congressman representing Louisville, John Yarmuth (D-KY). Yarmuth isn’t happy the NRA is in town except that they spend money.

    As for Bob, good thing he doesn’t call his blog Confederate Yankee anymore or they’d go bonkers with the invective.

  6. Jeff O says:

    I’m not sure how anyone that reads your blog can stomach all four of those articles at once. There’s some extremely poor arguments, serious stupid, and multiple inaccuracies included in each. If this is what ‘their side’ depends on, they are doomed, regardless of how many Benjamin’s big Daddy Bloombucks throws their way.


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