Cruz and Kasich Out of the Race

Still quite busy with clients. Tomorrow should be better. But Cruz and Kasich have thrown in the towel. Part of me wants to celebrate with a drink! But then I have to consider that makes Trump the presumptive nominee for the 2016 race, which makes me want to have several drinks, maybe enough that I black out until after the elections in November.

I know at least one lobbyist in DC who is happy with the current state of affairs because the right people are hyperventilating over the idea of Trump being the nominee. I think the silver lining (for me at least) is that the SoCo groups in DC that claim to speak for christians and evangelicals are the most hyperventilating of the hyperventilators. So are the K-street consultants that have made a living ruining talented candidates with their bullshit, then moving on to ruin the next campaign. Trump won nearly every state east of the Mississippi, including southern states in the Bible Belt; states that Huckabee did very well in talking about what kind of “Jesus juice” he drank. All Trump did was say he was a Presbyterian. So where does the DC religious right political establishment stand from here? Their best hope is for Hillary to beat Trump, as seems likely if you believe the polling (which I don’t). I could almost enjoy this except for the fact that a lot of other issues I care about will likely get flushed down the crapper too.

The choice is made! The Traveler has come!


17 thoughts on “Cruz and Kasich Out of the Race”

  1. Gun rights have about a year or so left. Trump is going to lose hard, and he’s going to have some strongly negative coattails, so there’s probably going to be a Democratic Senate. That means a very anti-gun Supreme Court and whatever anti-gun legislation Clinton wants.

    1. He might but those polls were the same ones saying a Cruz sweep in Indiana and half a dozen other states that Trump won handily. Many of The same polls and media that turned Obama into a deific figure during his campaign.

      The only accurate polls are the elections.

    2. Give me a break. Start the car and put your mouth on the tailpipe and get it over with already!

  2. Great. Choosing between the two candidates is like choosing if you’d rather have herpes or hepatitis…

    1. If one is to assume Hillary is Hepatitis, I’ll take herpes any day of the week. You can still have a drink with herpes and have sex between outbreaks.

      With Hillary, the future does indeed seemed jaundiced and morbidly ascetic.

  3. This election election reminds me of 1968 and I think Trump will crush Hilary. He is not pandering to gun control He decided to choose trade, America first. Anti immigrants and gun rights as his positions He ran on that and won. So that is to the good.
    He may be a terrible president and is not a libertarian or conservative. But he wont be terrible on gun rights. He far way better that Hilary.

  4. Trump as president would not push Congress to come up with new gun control laws like Hillary would. As such, I would prefer him over her.

    I do think Trump will win. Very generally, the more people see Trump, the more votes he gets. The more people that see Hillary, the fewer votes she gets. Her hope is that her number of voters doesn’t drop below his before November.

  5. Its sad to see that we had a deep deep set of candidates and a chance at putting on a great Justice on the SC, and instead the voters selected an anti-gun, establishment, liberal Democrat. We definitely know John Boehner is happy about it.

    Trump is going to get crushed by Hillary. The media and the Clinton campaign will just hammer him with his statements, and LIVs will not want to be associated with that type of person. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a 45 state landslide for Clinton.

    1. “The media and the Clinton campaign will just hammer him with his statements, and LIVs will not want to be associated with that type of person.”

      Does that sound anything like the reality of the Trump campaign so far? People have been saying things like that since last June and I have yet to see it.

      1. The media has been very favorable so far, and the Clinton campaign has only just started attacking him.

        The media wants Trump because A) ratings, and B) Clinton.

    2. And we were actually discussing in my office today the vey real possibility of a 45 state Trump landslide, or something as overpowering as Reagans defeat of Mondale.

      Of course, I do t think Hillary will be the nominee. Biden will.

  6. I remember nearly a year ago Sebastian suggested Trump might be a “shill” for Mrs. Clinton (I remember because I had to look that word up). I agreed with Sebastian back then. I still suspect it today. Gentlemen, prepare to chant (at gunpoint): “Long live the Queen!” Groan.
    Respectfully (and in mourning for our Republic), Arnie

    1. I’m still not sure that isn’t the case. But at some point, I think, Trump’s ego won’t let him throw the race. To whatever extent Hillary might have been involved in sparking his candidacy, I don’t think anyone expected he could actually win the nomination.

      1. On the loose, there is the progeny of Lee Atwater commissioned by Hillary but then co-opted by Trump!

        Pass the popcorn!

      2. “Trump’s ego won’t let him throw the race.”

        I’m intending to be Johnny-One-Note on this, without apology: It may not make much difference if he does, because he already has let the genie of acceptable, populist fascism out of its bottle, and it won’t be put back merely by him losing the election. To mix metaphors, too much of the American electorate is out of the closet now, for them to quietly go back.

      3. I did think it was possible.So many times I have said here comes President Trump. I did not vote for him in the primary, but I will in the general. Most times I can not stand him bragging and his insults, but this morning I just heard him label Goofy Elizabeth Walter, his nicknames work .

      4. I hadthat same thought, Sebastian. Mrs. Clinton planted Trump as a shill, but his ego made him take on a life of his own and has turned on his creator to possibly take her down.

        You know, if a viable third party candidate could get in and win some conservative/libertarian States this Fall while Trump cuts into Mrs. C’s blue-State empire (New York?), we could have the best possible outcome of the President being selected by the States in the House of Representatives where pro-gun States lead by at least 30 to 20. The third party candidate, if he’s a viable conservative/libertarian (Rand Paul? Scott Walker?), would surely win that vote. The conservative States would not vote for Mrs. Clinton, and probably not for Mr. Trump. But I dream. Sigh.
        – Arnie

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