Weekly Gun News – Edition 35


I figure I’ll start out with a gun news post this week, since last week we had a bit of dead air due to having to prepare for a site move. Let’s see what’s in the tabs:

Stop touching it: Anything that encourages people to handle guns in public is an accident waiting to happen, or in this case an accident that did happen. After carrying for a while, I’ve concluded its safer to take a “don’t ask don’t tell” policy towards things like this.

The Brady Campaign has developed a plugin that removes the names of mass shooters from your browser. I’m happy to see them starting to attack true root causes, but I’m afraid it’s the media we need to convince not to publish the shooter in the first place. But they are on the right track.

More books by bloggers hitting the market: Chains of Command by Marko Kloos.

But I thought they were for criminal justice reform: Democrats in New Jersey are against making their arcane rules that needlessly trap law abiding people in serious felonies less arcane and easier to comply with. Remember, they want you in jail.

John Richardson notices Brad Pitt is headlining the Brady Gala. Hollywood’s been a morally bankrupt place for some time now. Perhaps his agents believe he needs to soften his image in this age of Hillary.

Third power notices that Joyce is spending 1.5 million on gun control this year. I think that’s up from what they were spending a few years ago. Of that, $270,000 is going to CeaseFirePA. If it wasn’t for a small handful of elites with tons of money, gun control would have died a long time ago.

Eugene Volokh looks at the First Amendment implications of cyberstalking laws, which is turning into not being able to say mean things about someone on the Internet. This is important to understand since Bloomberg and his ilk are pushing to remove the Second Amendment rights of those convicted of cyberstalking.

Inside Amy Schumer’s lies about gun laws.

Women and guns: a growing trend. (autoplay video warning)

The Dems in California are fighting over who will support gun control more, and the best way forward for implementing draconian gun control.

Bill to repeal magazine ban in Colorado fails. It’ll keep failing unless voters can flip the House back to the GOP.

Gun control in Minnesota: “This is a dog and pony show that everybody knows is going nowhere.

We’ll see about that: Chicago Tribune says more gun control is inevitable.

Clayton Cramer is looking for a little research assistance, if you’re looking for a way to contribute a bit to the cause.

John Hinderaker: Hillary wants your guns.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you they aren’t after your guns.

Oklahoma is aiming to vote on more comprehensive protections for the right to keep and bear arms. Consider it practice for when we have to do this federally.

Looks like I’m not the only one who noticed Hillary weakened herself with all the gun control talk ahead of the Connecticut primary. Until recently, the Connecticut Valley was still a major gun making region. A lot of those folks are now out of work thanks to the Dem anti-gun crusade. Who do you think those folks are backing?

It’s not just actual firearms. They want your airsoft guns too.

Off Topic:

Just as elites are working hard to legalize weed, an effort I fully support, they are doing their damnedest to destroy vaping. That’s because it’s not about public health. It’s about being able to stick it to unfavored constituencies.

Tam: “Nobody’s the villain in their own narrative. As a matter of fact, in our participation ribbon culture, everybody’s the star, and the petty rules and signs and placards and flight attendant announcements don’t apply to them.

Science: Ion Drive! At least this doesn’t violate the known laws of physics.

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  1. Governor Christie is done with running for Prez, and still making pro-gun moves. Interesting. Might be that he’s holding his options open for 2020. Which isn’t a bad thing, I guess.

    Simply holding the issuing authorities to the 30 day time limit would be a major step forward

  2. It’s not just actual firearms. They want your airsoft guns too.

    Well, they do keep bringing up Australia as their model, and under Australian law airsofts are firearms just as much as, well, actual firearms.

    “Because reasons.”

    1. They’re arguably firearms in NJ as well. Just no-one’s decided to make that argument.

  3. I happened on Marko Kloos and his frontlines series by accident. Read each one in about a day…

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