Sign-Up For Firearms Law Seminar in Louisville

If you are a lawyer headed to NRA Annual Meeting and are looking for CLE credits, or really anyone interested in Second Amendment Law, I highly recommend taking a look at the Annual Firearms Law Seminar. Last year’s panel speakers were quite good. This year’s speakers include “Stephen Halbrook, Ernest Myers, David Kopel, Joseph Greenlee, Teresa Ficaretta, Jonathan Goldstein, Derek DeBrosse, Brent Weil, NRA-ILA attorney Chris Zealand, and NRA Office of the General Counsel attorney Sarah Gervase.”

Jonathan Goldstein is a local gun-rights attorney that NRA has used on some of their more high-profile suits in Pennsylvania. HE’s speaking about “Preemption: The Next Frontier in Firearms Regulation & Litigation” Jonathan is a good speaker, and pretty entertaining. Dave Kopel and Joseph Greenly are speaking about a “A Second Amendment Roadmap through the Federal Circuits.” For a preview, see Dave’s article in the WaPo on the subject. Lots of other good stuff.

I should note the Early Bird signup ends this Friday, so if you were thinking about going, you might want to sign up before then to get the discount.

One thought on “Sign-Up For Firearms Law Seminar in Louisville”

  1. I have been attending this CLE for years. I always learn a tremendous amount.

    Kirk S. Freeman
    Lafayette, Indiana

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